Introduction to Siebel Campaign Management

Campaigns Functionality helps organizations to create and manage marketing campaigns and monitor associated details.

Siebel Campaign management functions include:


  • Target groups formed from the client base according to selected criteria
  • Sending campaign-related material (e.g. on special offers) to selected recipients using various channels (e.g. e-mail, telephone, SMS, post)
  • Tracking, storing, and analyzing campaign statistics, including tracking responses and analyzing trends.


Siebel Campaign Management is a complete interaction and campaign management solution that allows organizations to plan, create, test, deploy and analyze personalized and permission based multi-channel campaigns.



Siebel Campaign Management supports a broad range of campaigns – from simple campaigns and automated recurring campaigns to sophisticated multi-stage, multi-channel and event triggered dialogues that can automate personalized set of communications and follow-up actions with a customer over time. With Siebel Campaign Management solutions, organizations are able to deliver relevant marketing messages across all touch points including: phone, direct mail, the Web, wireless devices, email, direct sales and partner network. When combined with the Oracle Real Time Decisions solutions, organizations can identify and present targeted marketing messages in real-time at the time of interaction – whether in the Call Center or on the Web

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  1. Nitin Lehri Reply

    No doubt Siebel offers a robust package to support Campaigns and it is a user friendly Marketing tool. Organizations are now facing the challenge of closing the marketing loop by tightly tieing the campaign responses back to origin. Cross-channel Marketing is another aspect where external tools or systems are required to work in unison with Siebel.

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