Introduction to Siebel Loyalty Management

Customer retention is major concern of every business. Companies focus more on retaining existing customer rather acquitting new in this competitive market. Oracle’s Siebel Loyalty Management 8.1.1 transforms the effectiveness of customer loyalty initiatives so that you can minimize attrition and increase the value and duration of your most important customer relationships. Oracle is the only enterprise software company that offers a comprehensive, packaged and fully integrated application for managing the complete loyalty program lifecycle.

With Siebel Loyalty Management, Organizations can acquire and leverage rich customer insights and embedded best practices to deliver innovative and differentiated programs that drive behavior and build value, offer great customer experiences across channels and adapt quickly and cost-effectively to improve competitive.

Definition by Oracle:

Oracle’s Siebel Loyalty Management enables organizations to create loyalty campaigns without the help of IT staff. It delivers a full range of analytics, marketing, and service capabilities that help you better understand each customer’s lifetime value and design service levels and promotions that maximize the potential of all your customer relationships.



  • Improve customer profitability by rewarding the “right” customer behavior
  • Reduce costs by automating loyalty management business processes
  • Maximize the effectiveness of customer interactions
  • Reduce expenses by having members update information online
  • Integrate loyalty programs with complementary partner program

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