How to Configure Static Drilldown

Static Drilldown : Navigates User to declared view. 

How to Configure Static Drilldown:-



1. Siebel Tools and navigate to the Applet.

2. Navigate to child Object “DrillDown Object”. Right click, create new record with below information-

  • Name                                      : Name for the Drilldown Object.
  • Hyperlink Field                      : List Column name on which Drilldown needs to be created.
  • Business Component         : The business component that the user is drilling into (destination).
  • View                                        : Name for the Destination view in the View Field.


  • Destination Field                  : The field in the destination business component whose value equals the value of the source field in the source business component.
  •  Source field                         : The field in the applet’s business component (the source of the drilldown) whose value is applied as a search specification to the destination field in the destination business component (the business component that is specified by the Business Component property).

Souce field/ Destination Field :If it is within the BO then we need to put only source field, But if we have to navigate to other BO then we need to put source field and destination field

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