How to Configure Dynamic Drilldown

Dynamic Drilldown:

As in a static drilldown configuration, the drilldown object definition identifies a hyperlink field and a view. These property settings continue to have the same purpose in dynamic drilldown, namely, to specify the list column or control that has hyperlink capabilities and the destination view when the hyperlink is clicked.

How to Configure Static Drilldown:-

Dynamic Drilldown1

 In Dynamic Drilldown ,the drilldown object also has dynamic drilldown destination object definitions, each of which points to the type Field in the business component and specifies a Value to look for there. When the value in a dynamic drilldown destination is matched, the logic routes to a different drilldown object (typically with a different destination view).

 Dynamic Drilldown 2


2 comments on “How to Configure Dynamic Drilldown”

  1. kondalrao Reply

    Hi Ashish,
        I have a doubt on drilldowns.  
        If the Applet is read-only,  can we configure the drilldown on that applet field?

  2. Aduru Reply

    It is good . If it is not matching to the any value in the dynamic dril ldown filed.
    Is there a way config or specify to dril ldown to a default view.

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