Siebel WorkFlow Process for begineers

Introduction to Siebel Workflows

Siebel Workflow Process is an ordered set of steps executed in response to a defined set of conditions.

Siebel Workflow is a customizable business application that allows you to define, manage, and enforce your business processes, thereby establishing process automation within Oracle’s Siebel applications.


Siebel Workflow orchestrates the various Siebel process automation technologies. A workflow Process graphically sequences a series of automation steps that support a business process, and it specifies inputs and outputs for individual steps and for the workflow process as a whole. A workflow process can be simple, such as entering a product order, or complex, such as managing call center workflow. A complex workflow process can include multiple sub processes.  


Siebel Workflow provides:  

  • A set of tools to graphically define business processes
  • An engine to automate these processes

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6 comments on “Siebel WorkFlow Process for begineers”

  1. Satish Reply

    Hi Swathi
    I have a doubt in Workflows. I got a requirement like need to invoke 2 workflows at a time with single Runtime event. Isit  is possible or not? If yes how can we achieve? If not what are the otherways to invoke could u pls give me your Answer/suggestion.
    Thanks in Advance.

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