Search Specification on Applet and BC– Interview Question.

I have a search spec on applet which says [Type] = “x” and I have Search Spec on BC which says [Type] =”y”. Now what records will be visible to me on UI? 

  1. Records with Type x
  2. Records with Type y
  3. None

[Hint] Search spec on Applet and BC takes AND operator and the where clause in SQL is going to be Where type = ‘x’ and type = ‘y’

Answer :  None


We all know about 3 layered architecture of Siebel.

Database is going to fetch all the records which will reach business layer. Here Search Spec of the BC will filter the records with Type y and only records with Type x will be allowed to reach next layer that is UI layer. Here the search spec of applet will come into picture and records with Type x are going to get filtered which means that number of records reaching to user will be Zero.

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