Difference Between UNDO CHECK OUT And GET?

           ASHISH-KUMAR-BAMETA                UNDO CHECK OUT: Is the process of reverting back the changes that you have done and also unlocking the object on server. So, two things happen when you do an UNDO CHECK OUT.

  • Lock is released on the server for that object

One typical example where you would require doing an UNDO CHECK OUT is you have worked on some requirement and that requirement has been cancelled. In that case you would NOT want to put your changes to server so you would do an UNDO CHECK OUT. Follow the steps given below to perform and UNDO CHECK OUT

  • Click on Tools –> Check In
  • Select the object that you want to UNDO
  • Click on UNDO CHECK OUT

GET: It is process of getting the copy of an object on your local system. It doesn’t not involve locks which means that neither the object is locked and nor the object lock is released. So, when you do a get the object on your local is updated with the latest copy from the server.

3 comments on “Difference Between UNDO CHECK OUT And GET?”

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  2. SK Reply

    Please correct this post or just remove it. Undo Checkout doesn't revert back the changes made in the local repository. It just releases the lock on the server.

  3. siebel Reply

    SK is correct, undo checkout proces won't refelect any local repository changes to server. please correct.

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