Different Types Of Tables in Siebel

How many types of tables does Siebel use?

In Siebel space Tables in Siebel can be broadly classified into two types

• Repository Tables

• Data Tables

 Repository Tables: Tables that are used to store Meta data about Siebel Objects are repository tables. Following are examples of Repository tables

S_APPLET: Stores Siebel Applets information

S_BUSCOMP: Stores Siebel Business Component Information

S_WFR_PROC: Stores Siebel Workflow Process Information


Data Table: Tables that are used to store Siebel User data are known as data tables. They can be further classified into following types

a. Base Tables: Siebel has different entities and provided palce to stores data about these entities such as opportunity, quotes ,service requests. Following are examples of Base Tables

S_OPTY: Used to store Opportunity Information

S_SRV_REQ: Used to store Service Request Information

S_EVT_ACT: Used to Activities Information

S_DOC_QUOTE: Used to store Quote Information

 b. Extension Tables: These tables are extension of base tables and are connected via implicit join and are used to store custom information for various entities. They have _X suffix to their name

S_OPTY_X: Extension table for opportunities

S_DOC_QUOTE_X: Extension table for quotes

S_EVT_ACT_X: Extension table for activities


c . Interface Tables: Used export and import data from external applications. They have EIM prefix with table name. Every base table and extension table has its corresponding EIM tables. Examples of EIM Tables are

EIM_OPTY: Opportunity EIM Table

EIM_ACTIVITY: Activities EIM Table

d. XM Tables: These tables are used where 1: M relationships have to be established. These tables have XM suffix after their name. Most of the base tables have corresponding XM tables. Examples of XM Tables are

S_OPTY_XM: XM table for Opportunity

S_DOC_QUOTE_XM: XM table for Quote I know this is not an exhaustive list and there are some other terms for other types of table that are present in Siebel. Please help here by contributing to create a complete exhaustive list.

 I guess we have missed something…. Inter Table , what say.. Can anyone help on this?

5 comments on “Different Types Of Tables in Siebel”

  1. Neeraj Reply

    Basically intertables are used to support M:M relation in between two entities. Usually used through links.

  2. Ashish Kumar Reply

    Thanks Benju,
    Your input has really appreciated, Post has been updated.

    Siebel Xpert team moderator

  3. ramu Reply

    Intertables holds two columns inter parent column –>pointer to the associated row in MBC base table and inter child column–>pointer to the associated row in CBC(detail BC) base table

  4. Aditya Reply

    Though it falls under base tables, U can also mention explicitly about custom extension tables…..which starts with "CX_"

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