What is the use of Link Specification property at Field object?







Link specification is a property in business component field object. This is a common question asked in interview about the purpose of this property.  


Link Specification property ensures that the value of this field can be passed to the Child BC via link. In other words if this property is set to true only then Child BC can refer get the value as pre-default or post-default with syntax ‘BC Name.Field Name’


To make it clearer I have a field SR Number in Service Request BC and I want to pre-default the value in the Activities (child of SR) whenever an Activity is created. These are the steps I am going to follow to accomplish this.


  • Set the Link Specification Property of SR Number to true.
  • Go to Activity [Action BC ] ,Select the field that you want pre-default the value with SR Number.
  • Write Parent: ‘Service Request.SR Number’ and you are done.

You can specify more than one parent in the pre-default values separated by commas. The list is checked from first to last until a value is found example

Parent: ‘Service Request: SR Number’, ‘Opportunity.Opty Id’

You need to give space after every comma otherwise this is not going to work properly.

You can also specify system functions after the parent value calls example

Parent: ‘Service Request.SR Number’, System: Currency

3 comments on “What is the use of Link Specification property at Field object?”

  1. sandipan Reply

    Nice explanation.
    just a small point:
    When LinkSpec is True, the value from the parent BC can also be brought to the child BC's calculated field with calculated value: ParentFieldValue("ParentFieldName")

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