Hierarchical and Constraint Picklist


Difference between Hierarchical and Constraint Picklist?

Purpose of both the Picklists is similar, to restrict or constraint the values of child Picklist based on the value of parent but we need to do different configuration to implement them.
The only reason I can think of using Constraint over Hierarchical Picklists is due to a limitation of Hierarchical Picklist showing all the values including child Picklist values.
Basic difference between Hierarchical and Constraint Picklist is as following:


  Hierarchical Picklist  Constraint Picklist 
Business Component Picklist Hierarchical Picklist Generic
LOV Same LOV for Parent as well as Child Picklist Field. Parent LIC field is used to establish a parent and child relationship Different LOV is used for Parent and Child Fields. 
Values All the values in Parent Picklist including Child Picklist Values Parent and child fields have different Picklists associated there is No overlapping of values

4 comments on “Hierarchical and Constraint Picklist”

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  2. nagarjuna Reply

    Hierarchical Picklist  uses two diffrent LOVs and constraned based on these two lovs  ex Parent id. If you use same LOVs you will same LOV values !

  3. Ram Reply

    Hey Ashisk,
               The types of picklist is completely unaccepted. Its is alias name for heirarchial PL. Even we do define Heirarchial PL on both things. For clarification call me on 9962793107

    • Ashish Kr. Bameta Ashish Kr. Bameta Reply

      Hi Ram,
      Please share all information on comment section so that all users can get access to that. We are open for all reviews and feedback on our content. Please fell free to comment.

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