End Step and Stop Step in Workflow

We are in WorkFlows , If we want to raise an error and terminate the WF we can use Stop step, while End is used for gracefull end and exit of the workflow.

Y and Where we used End Step and Stop Step?

End Step is used to mark the end of workflow.
Stop steps are used to raise an error to User and terminate workflow process.

End step is mendatory in every wf design

We cant have wf design without End step in workflow, its compulsory
It is not necessary to have Stop step in workflow

Input/Output Arguments:

End step  no input arguments.
Stop set no output arguments.

How it effects Workflow Status :

End step sets the status of workflow as “Completed”
Stop step sets the status of workflow as “In Error”

 End Step … end of workflow…compulsory in workflow design ….No input arguments…..“Completed”

Stop step …raise an error to User and terminate wf ….. Not compulsory …No output arguments….“In Error”

2 comments on “End Step and Stop Step in Workflow”

  1. William Pessoa OCE & OCP Siebel Solutions Architect Reply

    A stop step is not considers an “end.” You use it for “error messages” or some type of handle “stop.” Example… If you want to make sure all activities are closed before closing a service request; you can create a workflow that will query the activities and if there are any open ones route to the stop set which will have a message stating “There are outstanding open activites…. Please close them before closing the SR.” If there are no open ones, route to the end step.

    Please let me know if this helps.


    PS. This is just an example. You should not use this workflow to check for open activities. Use something like DVM or Haley

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