Finding active users in Siebel

 Yesterday i got a call from client to know about the active users of our siebel appliaction. We have three ways to get details of active users in siebel.

1. Go to Server Administration > Servers > Object Manager For the desired OM , We have COMPONENTS in below list applet There you can find Session and TASK for them In Session you can get active users. 



 2.  You can also find information by running _stats.swe i.e. running stats on the web server if stats collection is enabled on the web server and session Monitor is set to true in the eapps file. In the Current Sessions you will find information about the web sessions. URL: http://<hostname>/<appname>/_stats.swe?verbose=high.



3. You can also use server manager. Execute the following in a server manager session. list active sessions for comp <comp_alias_name> Replace <comp_alias_name> with the OM alias name, such as eCommunicationsObjMgr_enu. This will give you a list of all running tasks across all app servers. Use the /k switch when logging into server manager to specify a delimiter and you can spool the results and easily import into Excel if you wish.


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