How can product attributes be imported through EIM?

 In the user interface, the business component corresponding to product attributes is “XA Attribute Value”. In reviewing the configuration in Siebel Tools, this business component appears to be a virtual business component that is not based on any table. To use the Enterprise Integration Manager (EIM) to import products attributes requires understanding the underlying tables.

S_XA_ATTR is the base table holding the extended attributes. This has a foreign key column, also part of the user key, referencing the S_XA_CLASS base table. S_PROD_INT_XA is the intersection table that stores the relationship between products and extended attributes.

To illustrate how this data is stored, login to the sample database and complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Product Administration screen, and query for the “Group Long Term Disability” record.
  2. Using the Show menu, select “Dynamic Attributes”.
  3. Choose the “Coverage Type” record and enter Ctrl+Alt+K to determine the row-id of the record.
  4. Run dbisqlc.exe against the sample database. Query for the row-id found in the previous step from the S_XA_ATTR base table. Also query for the ATTR_ID column from the S_PROD_INT_XA base table.

Detailed information regarding the business object layer can be found in the following chapters of the Siebel Bookshelf > Product Administration Guide:

  • Product Classes
  • Product Attributes
  • Attributes with Business Component Domains

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  1. Anand Reply


    I have a requirement to load complex products everyday using a batch eim interface.

    Has someone done something similar to this using EIM?


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