Siebel Product Administration – An Overview (II)

Product Administration

We got basic understanding of Product Adminstration in first chapter Siebel Product Administration – An Overview (I)

Chapter 2 – Product in Siebel   [Basic terminolgy in Product Admin]

·         Simple Products without Attributes

This is a product that only comes in one form, such as a book. The customer does not make any decisions about features of the product.

·         Product Bundles

A product bundle is a group of products sold together. It cannot be customized. For example, you might offer customers vacation packages that include airfare, hotel accommodations for a specific number of days, and specific special events, all for one price.


·         Simple Products with Attributes

A product with attributes has features that the customer can choose but does not have components the customer can choose. For example, a customer buying a t-shirt might be able to choose the shirt's color and its size. The shirt has two attributes, color and size. Each of these attributes has several possible values, such as white, gray, black, and S, M, L, XL.

·         Products with Components

This is a product with components that a customer can select. For example, a customer buying a computer might have to select a mouse, a floppy disk drive, a monitor, and other components.

·         Product Compatibility

You can define global rules that specify which products and promotions are compatible with each other.

·         Product Eligibility

You can define global rules that specify which customers are eligible to buy products and promotions.


·         Product Validation Rules

For special cases where you want to create custom business services to check the compatibility of products, you can use product validation rules.

·         Translations

If you are working with any of these types of products and you have to translate the interface into multiple languages, we have to use Multilingual Translations for Product Data.

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  1. Aks Reply

    i want to display the custom images for the product while validating the product in workspace.
    to Achive this i have created a User properties in Properies tab
    This works fine for the Existing Images in PUBLIC/ENU/images folder.
    but i want to Display the image that i have copied to that Folder.
    Can u help me out in this ??
    Thanks in advance 🙂

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