New Product Features in Siebel eScript For Version 8.0

Post by Rachna Agarwal

The new features added for siebel 8.O eScript

1. The ST eScript Engine is enabled by default in Siebel 8.0

2. The Fix and Go option makes script testing more efficient by allowing scripts to be edited and the debugging process to continue without having to recompile the program after each change.

3. Script Assist accesses the definitions of objects in the repository and displays this information allowing developers to choose the relevant methods and properties they want to add to their life script. This Feature makes developer easy.

4. In Siebel 8.0, the applet user property CanInvokeMethod can be used instead of the PreCanInvokeMethod() event to enable and disable applet methods.

5. Business service functions can be called directly from anywhere within the scripting interface after a business service is declared by using Script Assist script libraries.

6. Few more methods has been added to String like String charAt() Method, String.fromCharCode() Static Method

6 comments on “New Product Features in Siebel eScript For Version 8.0”

  1. rajarshi dixit Reply

    I am new to siebel CRM and working in CMC on TATA MOTORS project in 
    Delhi.Actually I am working on the navigational part of the Siebel CRM i.e I 
    have to give training to TATA MOTORS dealers about the navigational part and 
    Analytics part.I want to know the career progression in this field ,if 
    there's any.Please tell me what is the scope of this field.
    My e-mail ID :

  2. Ashish Ashish Reply

    From EIM perspective Products load is made easier in 8.0 version.
    In 7.8 and earlier version product release had to be done by running sql query after product load.
    8.0 provides a business service to release loaded products
    Service Name – ISS Authoring Import Export Service
    Method Name – Post_EIM_Upgrade

  3. Sajid Attar Reply

    Also in Oracle Siebel 8.x, Products cannot be directly loaded (from some third party via interface) in the "Internal Product" BC. It has to be loaded in the "Internal Product – ISS Admin" BC and then Released from there to make them available in the "Internal Product" BC.
    I am looking for some document from Oracle on this. If some one has any links/info rgdg the same please do share it….

  4. Ashish Kr. Bameta Ashish Kr. Bameta Reply

    Few more by  Praveenkumar Bondalanageswararao :

    1) Business user properties have become drop down list in tools and hence no need to remember syntax for each.

    2) Load balancing is maintained by the Gateway server using the third party software Resonate Central Dispatch.

    as mentioned above Siebel load balance is done by third party software such as Resonate Dispatch manager….or can be done with the help of lbconfig.txt file, which is generated at siebel server and is place in webserver.which helps in identifying the concerned OM..and transfer the request as per the load too… in supoprtweb….nice document is given for it.

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