EIM Load order for any new Siebel Application

Many get confused with data loading for the new siebel application starting from scratch. Below is the order in which we need to load data for new Siebel application. we should start loading data in follwing sequence to avoid problems

1) Administrative data – LOV’s

 2) Responsibilities

3) Views

4) Organization

5) Position

6) Employee

 7) Address

 8) Account

9) Contacts

10) And now other related entities depending on the dependency of the entity but here also we load all the parent entities or reference entities for any child or referring entity.

6 comments on “EIM Load order for any new Siebel Application”

  1. Mayank Reply

    dear mandeep

    This is really a very valuable and a rare information you have given to all of us but I have some queries. First how come Address we migrate before Accounts and Contacts? Second what about Access Group and User entities? Third can’t we migrate Contacts before Accounts for e.g. in Siebel Financial application?

    reply is highly appreciated.

  2. Javed Reply

    I think Addresses can be loaded before or after Accounts & Contacts.

    As there is intersection table between Accounts – addresses / Contact – addresses. SO , if addresses are loaded before accounts / contacts than this association can be done during the accounts / contacts loads.

    I’m not sure if contacts can be loaded before Accounts.

  3. Raj Reply

    I am guessing he meant by core address. In one of our implementation we loaded country and state lov’s as part of intial data load before loading accounts and contacts.

  4. Gaurav Tiwari Reply

    The Address data gets loaded into S_ADDR_PER table and its association is maintained by S_CON_ADDR.
    So when we load address we are loading data in table.After loading accounts/contacts we create relation using S_CON_ADDR.

  5. Anonymous Reply

    responsibility is a collection of views..then how come we load responsibilities before views?

  6. Chinmoy Reply

    Based on responsibilty assigned, a user can access It is very logical that responsibilities should be loaded before Views

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