Assignment Rules and Assignment Criteria

An assignment rule is a logical collection of business conditions, and Assignment Manager evaluates potential candidates based on these rules. Below is the description of the Assignment Rule Creation.

Navigation: Site Map > Assignment Administration > Assignment Rule list

Create Rules

• Select the Assignment Object(s) to be assigned by this rule • Set Person Candidate Source to "All People“

• Add rule to a rule group

1. Either copy an existing assignment rule with the similar criteria and objects as defined in the service request and modify the criteria accordingly or Click New to create a new assignment rule.

2. Give the objects as required in ‘Objects to be assigned’ eg:Account

3. Add the new user’s new Position in the Primary Position field. Verify that this Position is now the only Position related to this Rule.

siebel assignment manager

Define Criteria

• Drill down on the rule to add Criteria

• Select the Rule Criterion to be used to assign data

• Select the Comparison Method to specify what the criterion is being compared to Give the following values for criteria unless specified explicitly in the Excel sheet

1. Comparison Method: Compare to Object

2. Inclusion: Include

3. Required: Always

4. Set Person Candidate Source to "From Rule“

5. Select the Assignment Object(s) to be assigned by this rule

6. Give the Values for the criteria in the lower applet.

7. Click on the Position Candidate tab. Delete if any existing position. Click on New and add the position for the user in assignment rule.

siebel assignment manager

Specify Candidates

• When the Person Candidate Source is set to "All People", every one is a candidate Instead of specifying a list of candidates for the rule

• Assignment Manager uses Compare Object to Person and Compare to Person criteria to assign data to skilled candidate(s)

siebel assignment manager

Release Assignment Rules

• Release the rules once they are defined

• Click the Release button to refresh the list of rules used by Assignment Manager

• Assignment Manager acts on activated released rules

• Rules are considered inactive if they have an expiration prior to, or an activation after, the current time

• If you modify rules, you must release them again

siebel assignment manager

Points to remember:

• Every rule must belong to one and only one rule group

• For implementations that do not utilize rule groups, all rules can be in the Default Rule Group

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