Synchronization Of Siebel server components

In day to day assignments siebel admin or a developer has to sync the siebel server component. Diwakar Ambi is guiding us with how to sync the sieb server and what happens when sieb server got synchronized.

Siebel server components can by synchronized from the thin client application as follows.

1. Navigate to Server Configuration Administration Screen and Batch Component Admin View.
2. Click on the Synchronize button available in “Batch Component Admin List Applet”.
3. The application will hang for few seconds or minutes. Server components are then synchronized.

The same can be achieved from Siebel server manager.

1. From the command prompt navigate to the path /siebsrvr/bin
2. If its a windows environment, type the command SET SIEBEL_DEBUG_FALGs=16. If its a unix/linux environment they type the command ‘setenv siebel_debug_flags=16’ from the telnet window.
3. Connect to the siebel server manager as follows. (e.g.) srvrmgr – g <> -e -s <> -u -p

IP address <> corresponds to gateway server and siebel server machine, tester01 corresponds to the DB login user name and test123 corresponds to the DB login user password.
4. From the server manager execute the command, sync comps.
(i.e.) smgr>sync comps

What happens when server components are synchronized?

Siebel server contains the components needed for running the application and other tasks. But the component definitions are defined only in the gateway server. When synchronized, the server component definitions are copied from the Siebel server to the gateway server and the file gatewayns.DAT is updated accordingly.

Apart from the above synchronization, Siebel CRM products have a separate functionality called “Siebel Sync” where data from Siebel application can be synchronized with an external palm device, Outlook/Lotus Notes/Group wise clients etc.

To test this functionality, Siebel sync installer for that specific Siebel build & release needs to be installed. Also “Hot Sync” software needs to be installed on the machine where Siebel application is launched for testing “Siebel Sync” functionality. Synchronization done for testing the “Siebel Sync” functionality corresponds to import and export of data from Siebel application to external devices, mail clients etc.

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  1. naveen Reply

    Good notes. 
    "the server component definitions are copied from the Siebel server to the gateway server and the file gatewayns.DAT is updated accordingly"
    Did you mean siebns.dat? 

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