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How to test workflow ? Workflow Simulation is a process which is done to verify that workflow process performs as desired. Siebel Workflows can be tested using Simulators. Here in this article we will discuss how we can test the workflow using simulator , what all input are required and what all steps are there to simulate the workflow.

siebel Workflow Simulator

We can divide the Workflow Process Simulator process in following steps

o Specify Test Data
o Start Simulation
o Start Workflow Engine
o Verify Workflow Progress

• Specify Test Data

o Create test records to support the simulation
o Enter the Row ID as a process property in Siebel Tools
o Object ID is normally passed into workflow by the application
o Since the simulator is running, you need to provide the Object ID

siebel Workflow Simulator

• Start Simulation

Click Start
New instance of the runtime client launches according to debug settings
Navigates user directly to My Inbox Items View

siebel Workflow Simulator

• Start Workflow Engine

User must drill down on the workflow process to start Workflow Engine
After a few seconds the Workflow engine is invoked


• Verify Workflow Progress

Navigate back to Siebel Tools to continue with simulation and use the Watch window
Use Next Step, Continue, and Stop buttons
siebel Workflow Simulator

Once we are done with simulation we need following steps to deploy the wworkflow

Deploying Workflow Processes

Two-step process separates the role of deployment from design
Developer completes Workflow configuration in Siebel Tools
Administrator activates from the Workflow Administration View in runtime client

• Developer: Check In

Check in Workflow process definitions to the master database before deployment


• Deployment Considerations

Deploy all sub processes first for them to be accessible by the parent Workflow
Compile new repository objects (business components, business services, views) to be accessible by Workflow processes

• Versioning

Revision process

Select the Workflow Process record to be revised
Click Revise
Click Deploy to complete the process and make it available for activation in the client application
Version automatically updates
Activation process in the client application is the same.
Expire a process to make the current version unavailable to run


• Migrating Workflow Definitions

Export-Import utility provided by Workflow
Used for migrating individual or small sets of workflows between environments
Uses Siebel Tools to export from one environment and import into another environment
No export/import available from runtime client

REPIMEXP utility
Exports the entire repository, not just Workflow objects
Does not allow selective choosing of repository objects

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  1. Suryaa Reply

    Clear step by step explanation for simulating workflow. It will be a good guide if you explain a work flow having all palette item like( sub process, wait, Exception , business service ). Your one example will be easy for all starters.

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    Hi Ashish,
    Excellent article with step by step info.Thanks for posting like this type of art icles.Looking forward for more valuable postings from you.


  3. Kishore Reply

    Hi All,

    This is one of the latest interview question I faced.

    “Workflow is working fine, the next day its not. What are the different ways of debugging a Workflow – other than logs?”

    Could you please address this on the forum.


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