How To Configure Aggregate Discount In Siebel Application

We often come across Buy One Get One (BOGO) offers these days like Buy toothpaste and get Toothbrush free or Buy 5 soaps and get 10 % off or Buy 2 kg sugar and get Β½ kg free etc etc :). To configure something like this in siebel we can go for the Aggregate Discounts.

Aggregate discounts are nothing but the Price adjustments to a product when purchased with a set of other products. It allow companies to price a group of products differently than if products were purchased individually.It is applied automatically when the customer selects a set of products that qualify to the aggregate discount rule mentioned in the Pricing Administration under Aggregate Discounts.

Products in the Aggregate Discount Detail are mentioned as Buy Product or Receive Product. By But Product it means the Product that the customer is purchasing and the Receive Product obviously is the Product that he will be getting free or at the discounted rate as a part of scheme. Considering the above mentioned example Toothpaste is the Buy product while the Toothbrush is the Receive product.

Let’s see how it can be configured in the application in detail. I keep the example same, buy toothpaste get toothbrush free.

Create a record in Aggregate Discount selecting two products as shown in the snapshot


Add this Aggregate Discount to the Aggregate Discount Sequence


Associate this Aggregate Discount to the Price List, to which the Products are added.

Now create a sales order and add these products as Order line items. Hit the Reprice All option from the Menu items. You will see that the Price of Toothbrush si taken as $0. If you open the waterfall applet for Toothbrush, it will show the details like which Aggregate Discount and the discount %.


3 comments on “How To Configure Aggregate Discount In Siebel Application”

  1. Matthieu Hattab Reply

    This method of pricing Is not apropriate for B2C project, this type of discount better designed for B2B where the discount can be contractually agreed.
    B2C often requires adverstising such “promotion” and Aggregate discount cannot be advertised on the Product Catalog or on a Web Site (through a Web Service)
    Also remember the following:
    1. changing a product or a quantity require to do a “Reprice All”
    2. End Clients normally always give this type of discount as soon as they start using the Sequence functionality (this would have deserved some additional explanation in this article) because it is too difficult to manage unless you know all the ropes of Siebel Pricing

    My advice is: Promotions is a better option (although it’s a bit buggy)

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