Inappropriate Use of Immediate Post Changes for BusComp Fields in Siebel

Sometime we configure Immediate Post Changes property on the BusComp field object equal to TRUE while no server processing is required in the configuration. This is  an inappropriate Use of Immediate Post Changes for BusComp Fields in Siebel.

Brief introduction of Immediate Post Changes : Immediate Post Changes is an optional property of BusComp field. It has a TRUE or FALSE value.

Definition by Siebel Bookshelf Field data is posted to the server when the focus moves off of the field and then the data is refreshed. Causes an immediate roundtrip to the server. When set to True the browser script PreSetFieldValue event is bypassed. Typically used for constrained drop-down lists and calculated fields. Excessive use affects performance."

Immediate Post Changes


Impacted Space Performance

Significance The Immediate Post Changes property on a BusComp field object is typically used if the application require server request when the user updates and exits that field means the focus goes to another field. Setting this property to TRUE will unnecessarily introduce additional round-trips to the server resulting poor performance on an applet.

Suggestion Very careful consideration required while configuring this property.

We are listing down few scenarios which require this property:

On Field Update Set : This user property may not work as expected in some business components unless the Immediate Post Changes flag is set to TRUE on the involved fields. Setting this flag enables more dynamic triggering of the user property. If this flag is set for a field, field changes on that field are immediately sent to the server.

Calculated Field : In the case where a calculated field is dependent on another field (or fields), it will only be consistently updated if all such fields have their Immediate Post Changes property set to TRUE.


Toggle Applet : If a change in a field value should cause a dynamic applet toggle to occur immediately (before saving the record), then set the Immediate Post Changes property.

Constrained Pick List: For a constrained pick list, the parent (constraining) field should have its Immediate Post Changes property set to ensure that the constraint is applied to the child pick list. •When it is necessary to trigger the server PreSetFieldValue event handler.

Note that this will generally bypass the browser PreSetFieldValue event handler The "Force Active" and "Immediate Post Changes" properties should be set to true only if absolutely necessary since these properties will have negative performance impact.

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