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I want to discuss an excellent use of BC user property which lent me a hand to achieve a tricky requirement. The business requirement was to use one applet in two different views. In first view that applet should appear editable while in other it should be Read only. Business did not want to go for cloning the applet as it turns out in making same changes in two different applets and might end up in missing out some changes in either applet. Also the number of fields on the applet was large hence we did not give it a thought of using FieldReadOnly user property in some way.

Finally what came to our rescue was the "Aspect BC ReadOnly" BC user property.


This User Property works with CSSBCBase class.

Steps to configure the requirement:

1. Create a Calculated field lets say “Calculated Read Only” in the respective BC (BC on which the applet is based).The calculated field expression should be such that it always returns value as "Y", like one can create an expression as IIf ([Id] IS NULL,"N","Y"), so that it returns Y for every record available.

Siebel aspect read only

2. Create a new record in the Business Component User properties with

Name — Aspect BC ReadOnly: ReadOnly

Value — Calculated Read Only [Name of the calculated field created above]




3. Create a New record in the Applet User Properties of the respective Applet

Name — View Aspect: Account Detail – Orders View [Name of the view in which this applet should appear Read Only]

Value — ReadOnly [This refers to the variable given against the Name of the BC User Property above marked in Bold]


4. Now login to the application and see that in the view mentioned the applet appears to be read only while in other view it is well editable As can be seen here, in the Account Detail – Contacts View the Applet SIS Account Entry Applet appears editable.


While the same applet SIS Account Entry Applet is entirely Read only in the Account detail – Orders View 🙂


If you have any better ideas to achieve this, suggestions are most welcome 🙂

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  1. Sendhil Kumar Reply


    Instead of this, did you try with one view with the applet mode in view web template item as BASE and in another view the applet mode property value as EDIT (for form applet) or EDITLIST (for list applet) ??? this would do the needful…

  2. Abhay Saxena Reply

    This is good stuff. Thanks for posting this tips.
    But is there any restriction in the version of Siebel?


  3. neelima Reply

    Hi Sendhil

    We had thought of using the applet in base mode but then again any UI level cosmetic changes in the web layout to be made had to be made in two different modes and as I said the applet had lot many fields exposed so we did not go for it. Still thanks for putting in your thoughts on the same.:-)


  4. TEC Reply

    I think that calculated value we can directly put as “Y” ,Instead of that conditon check .(Performance do matters ) 🙂

  5. neelima Reply

    Yes, putting “Y” instead of the condition in the calculated field gives the same effect. Thanks for the suggestion TEC !!

  6. Saket Reply

    Hi Neelima,
    This is a very good article about a new user property for me.
    But I think using Base mode would have served the purpose.

    Meanwhile there is one more solution coming to my mind, we can achieve this functionality by using BC Read Only Field property:

    At Application -> PreNavigate method we have to write a small code to set our profile attribute for the view in which we need to show readonly applet.

    if (DestViewName == “View Name which requires read only applet”)



    Now move to BC and create a calculated field :
    Name = Calculated ReadonlyApplet
    Value= IIf (GetProfileAttr(“Readonlyapplet”) = “Y” , “Y”, “N”)

    Now move to BC User Property and create a new user property:
    Name : BC Read Only Field
    Value: Calculated ReadonlyApplet

    This also can serve the purpose.
    Yes it is using server side script and some person may not like it as using script is not a good practice. 🙂

  7. Vivek Chitale Reply

    Suppose 2 views having same applet1

    goto Sitemap
    Adminstran Appli -> Respons.

    make “Read Only View” property TRUE for one of view that will b read only, and other having “Read Only View” property False will editable. You can logoff & login again in case changes nt reflects.

    Tyr & lmk in dose it wrk..

  8. Babu Rajendra Prasad Reply


    Thansk Guys for Sharing your Knowledge and Amazing Stuff

    I have Tested this and Really Works very good


    Babu Rajendra Prasad

  9. Anonymous Reply


    Does any one has worked on ” EAI Siebel Adapter “, “Execute” Method?

    If any of you Guys Worked on Real-Time / Implemenation Methodology please share the same

    Thanks in Advance

    Babu Rajendra Prasad

  10. Ajax Reply

    Thx Author..
    I think it will be useful, when we want to override the behavior of NO UPDATE property of applet.

  11. Biswajit Reply

    if giving BC Readonly all records get read only, but only one field should be editable how, can any one help me out.

  12. NBhushan Reply

    Hi All,
    Can somebody through light on one of our req.. I want to me make a field editable for only editable for new recods using config… and its should readonly for the existings records.

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