Parametrized report and calculated field

A user has faced an issue related to parametrized actuate report and calculated filed in parameter applet.

Issue: Read user e- mail below-

Hi All,
don’t know whether this is a Siebel or Actuate problem…. I’m trying to find a solution for this already many hours but I don’t know how.
I am creating a parametrized report and followed all steps in Bookshelf.
I created a Parameter Business Component and Parameter Applet as well as a custom Actuate Report. On the Parameter BC I need to calculate a field using a custom business service and pass this field to Actuate. Unfortunately no value is coming to Actuate unless you put the field “visible” on the parameter applet and really type something in.
I have tried several different ways….
If I have e.g. a PickList Field on the parameter Applet and select a value => value is passed to my report. As soon as I change the field to calculated, or set it through Applet Server Script using BusComp().SetFieldValue the value is not passed on to Actuate.
I know the value has successfully been set because I put a breakpoint using WshShell and displaying the field value …
Anyone has any ideas?


Solution from siebel expert:

Actuate doesn’t talk directly to siebel tables but use business component as a interface, i.e. It does not support any calculated field defined over BC , it use BC interface just to put some search and sort criteria which has been used to show filter and sorted data in User Interface.
As we said actuate does not support calculated field and we populate calculated field in report by calculating the fields in report designer only. That’s you are not able to use calculated field of parameter applet in actuate and working properly when u are providing base field in that filter.

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  1. D K Reply

    Just a thought .. why don’t you do the same calculation in Actuate Report using Actuate Basics try to include the BC and get the calculation done based on your logic used in Business Service .

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