How To Enable Contract-Based Pricing in Siebel (8.1.1)

Dynamic pricing was enabled in Siebel (8.1.1) and a reader has problem in enabling contract-based pricing. Lets look in to complete query and its resolution suggested by us.


Query: Hi there, could you please shed some light about how to enable (and use) contract-based pricing is Siebel (8.1.1)? Dynamic Pricing is already enabled (I have both a vanilla server environment and PSP signals-fixed sample at hand to experiment with). In relation to this one, shall I do something to get Discount Matrix pricing to work? It does not seem to do (aggregate discounts are ok, so dynamic pricing is enabled). How is the discount matrix related to the price lists?

Thank you in advance. Istvan


Contract-based pricing: you will need to configure it yourself, there is no vanilla functionality for this. I plan to write an article on this but not at the moment.

For matrix-based pricing: yes, it doesn’t in Siebel vanilla, Siebel forgot to add it to the workflow process!!! again, It’s in my long list of things to do. However, both types of discounts are very similar. you need to add a workflow process step with business service Row Set Transformation Toolkit with method “Simple LookUp Transform”. contract-based pricing would require you to create a separate list of products and price adjustments (Price List is a perfect place to store this), and again, add a step based on the same business service/method I just mentioned.

Feedback: Hi, thank you for the super-quick response. Istvan

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  1. Vikas Jain Reply


    Looking for help related to Dynamic Pricer in Siebel 7.8

    We are trying to use Dynamic Pricer for our Packaged solutions. In this, we would like to leverage the functionality where there could be multiple levels of discount for a product/service based on different attributes. E.g, a product/service can have a 10% discount for Attribute A, 20% dicount for Attribute B, 30% dicount for Attribute C. So if the price of that product/Service is $100 then discount should be like

    100*0.9*0.8*0.7 = $ 50.40

    Whereas the way Siebel is calculating is

    Total Discount = 60%(1-10/100 – 20/100 – 30/100)
    Price = 100*0.4 = $40

    Similarly there could be a case where discount is being given 50% 3 times based on the discounted amount but Siebel would display negative price.

    Any help would be really appreciated!!


  2. Ashish Kumar Ashish Kumar Reply

    you should use attribute based pricing.
    you prepare you discount and add the discount amount
    in the attribute based pricing matrix.
    the advantage is that it’s vanilla, not config at all.

    the drawback is that you have to load a matrix of
    all possible> combination:
    if attribute A = abc
    if attribute B = def
    if attribute C = ghi
    price override = 50.4

    and you load this with all possible
    values.of course attributes must all be based on
    to make things simplier you could prepare everything
    in a spreasheet and> load them via EIM.

  3. Suresh Reply

    We are getting error at Siebel 8.1 end when trying to add a product at Order Line Item which says – SBL-DAT-00398: Field ‘Pricing Commit Type’ does not exist in definition for business component ‘Price List Item’ .

    We found that this field was not there in variable map – Default Pricing Eligibility Variable Map – Row Set – Basic and added the field. But still inspite of that we are facing the same issue. We tried it with simply enabling dynamic pricing at Admin – Pricing but that also couldn’t help.
    Also, its Siebel with patch QF1102 applied as mentioned by Oracle
    If any on faced similar kind of isues and throws some light on the same is highly appreciated

  4. Linda Reply

    Hi Guys
    I have a requirement where we would like to put on the Order level the following:
    Contract period = 24 months
    Product with same solution is priced at $10.00 for 12 months and thereafter the same product and solution will then be priced at $20.
    How do I go about doing this?

  5. Matthieu Hattab Reply

    This is mostly a problem for your billing system, not Siebel.
    If you use Oracle BRM and Siebel CRM, you could use Time-Based Offering which allow you to define a discount for limited period of time, with or without the use of Siebel Promotions.
    They are multiple ways to achieve wat you want, but generally speaking the best approach is to use a discount product, specify the start/end date of the product and send it to the billing system.
    most telco/utility companies work like this.


  6. Charan Reply

    Currently we are in the process of migrating from multiple price lists to single price list. One of the challenges that we have is to add same product twice under one price list with different end date or expiration date. Can some one please help me one this?

  7. Anup Reply

    Hi All, 
    I am having a requirement as
    The Sales Rep uses Siebel to quote withe type equals to PackageCare contracts. The Sales Rep will setup a Packagecare Opportunity for the Account and then generate a Quote from the Opportunity. When quote line item is added in the quote the the dynamic pricer should work as the quote type is package care.
    But if the type of the quote is Non PackageCare its not invoke Dynamic pricing engine. And use the list price as the net price when quote line item is added.
    Please sugest how i can achive in the in Administration pricing set up.
    Thanks & Regards

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