Siebel UAN – Universal Application Network

UAN provides a multi-application integration which is vendor independent and developed using industry standards in mind. All integration based business process for various industries has been complied and pre-packaged in UAN.

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This eliminates worries of building and managing integration server because UAN has operating the process with market best integration servers, so no need worry about cost and maintenance activities for these integration servers. UAN Closely holds Service based architecture, XML and Web Service Standard. These XML and Web Services standard enable integration server vendors to run on multiple integration server vendors. In other words, UAN- based IAPs (Integration Application Processes) are vendor – independent. Just like packaged application UAN integration application eliminates the need to custom build an integration solution. Customer can leverage the UAN integration application and modify them as needed to meet their unique needs. The end result is a robust, scalable integration solution with lower total cost of ownership, lower risk. The UAN solution consists of two primary products: Integration Servers and Integration Application.

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Integration Servers are provided by integration server partner such as BEA, IBM, Microsoft, Tibco, Web Methods , Seebeyond , and Vitria. Integration Applications are provided by Siebel System. We will discuss about Integration Servers, Integration Application and specially IAPs in next article.

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