EIM Merge Process

In this article we are going to focus on the challenges during the EIM merge process.
The EIM merge is a lovely process offered by the Siebel, We can have detail understanding of the merge process at the backend by studying the log of any EIM merge process. It provide the detailed information of all processing at the backend. The merge process functionality can be achieved using scripts but it will be a tedious job.

I faced very strange issues in the merge process when I worked on the requirements. i would like to share with you.

1. It worked well for the some set of records well but for the other set of the records it was not working well.

2. The behaviors was not same in all the environments e.g. in test environment it worked well and in production environment it has given some issues with some records.

I tried a lot to fix the issues and we logged the tickets with the metalink but not much came up. Finally the resolution we could find out was :

Whenever we are going for the merge process best way is to export those records through eim in the respective EIM table then data message the eim table – batch for the merge process and now run the eim merge process.
It will solve your maximum issues which might have risen due to some foreign key columns.

But, if still you are facing the issue then we have follow hit and trill way by comaring two records one successful record and other failure record. Need to check the all the foreign key columns data and if find some major difference just can try to check up after retrying the record.

Detailed discussion in open about “EIM Merge Process”. Share your ideas and inputs in comment section below

3 comments on “EIM Merge Process”

  1. Leon Reply

    Thanks for sharing this experience, the hint to handle the tricky process is very helpful.

  2. Bharat Reply


    very informative.. Can we do merge process without actually deleting the loser records…


  3. Mandeep Reply

    Hi Bharat ,

    No it is not possible.
    And more over the loser record, if we are not deleting then it may raise the conflict in future references and also many links will also be removed by the merge process.
    Thus deleteing the record is the good way to do it.


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