Account Child Entities Data Load

In last article we have discussed about the Account Data Load and in continuation we will talk about Account Child Entities. Account Notes The base table to hold the information for the account note is S_NOTE_ACCNT AND these are few mandatory columns that need to be populated with valid data NOTE,NOTE_TYPE,SRC_ROW_ID( row_id of the account ) And we can use the eim table EIM_ACCNT_DTL to populate the base table S_NOTE_ACCNT running the EIM.


Mailing Address We can load the account mailing address to the table S_ADDR_ORG using the EIM table EIM_ADDR_ORG. It will be updated with address details for the account like street address, state, country , pincode etc other relevant column information with few mandatory flags information. Once we have populated correctly these set of data then we easily run the EIM job to load the data.

Service Request In many application the accounts are also associated to the service request. Its is very simple we just need to populate one column data to associate service request with the account. S_SRV_REQ.CUST_OU_ID – This column will hold the row id of the account your associating to a service request.

Activity In many application the account is associated to activity as well then in that case we need to populate column of table S_EVT_ACT ,ACTIVITY_UID ( Activity Record user key ) ,.TARGET_OU_ID ( account data user key ) in the eim table like EIM_ACTIVITY This is simple update to associate the account with a activity.

Asset The asset is also associated to account it can be done by updating the userkey and foreign keys columns for the asset table in the eim table and running the eim job. The EIM table we can use here like EIM_ASSET and the column that mostly we have to populate for the bas table S_ASSET are ASSET_NUM ,BU_ID,PROD_ID,X_DUNS. Once the correspomding columns are update in the eim table we can run the EIM update job on the asset table to associate account to asset.


Attachment If the account has any attachment then we can populate the base table S_ACCT_ATT with the userkeys, foreign key and various required columns for having the quality data using the EIM import process.

Contact The account is also associated to contact to load the information we can use the intersection table S_PARTY_PER we need to populate the user key columns for the contact and account respectively.

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