What Is Dynamic Drilldown ?

Dynamic drilldown: Is a way to drilldown through a single source (i.e. same source) to different views based on some conditions. if we further expand Drilldown Object we find Dynamic Drilldown Destination where we do not have any option to give view name that must be result of drill down based on a specific condition (Refer to Fig 1). we can only mention drilldown object that must be followed based on the condition.

siebel drilldown 1

Fig 1

I know nothing gonna enter in mind without an example let’s take a scenario where we want to drill down on Id field of ‘Activity HI Calendar Applet’ and generally it drilldown to ‘eCalendar Detail View’ but if ‘Is Training Type’ field value in source applet is set to true then drilldown takes us to different view ‘eTraining My Class Details View’ (Refer Fig 2).

Step 1: create drill down object with following detail.

Name: Action-Detail

Hyperlink Field: Id

Source Field: Id

Destination Field: Id

Business Component: Action

View: eCalendar Detail View

Step 2: Click on Dynamic Drilldown Destination and create a record with following details.

Name: Training Drilldown

Field: Is training Type (calculated field in Action BC whose value is calculated based on Registration Id)

Value: Y

Destination Drilldown Object: Training Drilldown

Since we are mentioning here Destination Drilldown Object=Training Drilldown so we have to create it first same as we created a DD Object in step 1 with following details.

Name: Training Drilldown

Hyperlink Field: Id

Source Field: Registration Id (Field in Action BC)

Destination Field: Id

Business Component: Training Class Registration

View: eTraining My Class Details View

siebel drilldown 2

Fig 2

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  1. Aduru Venkateswalru Reply

    If the field value is not matching to any value or condition . Is there any config way to go to default view .

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