Updating User Key Through EIM

In recent time I have come across many queries regarding updating the user key columns in the Siebel through EIM. Lets understand what is the importance of user key in siebel eim and discuss how to update User Key using EIM.

User Key specifies one or more columns that must contain a unique set of values. Prevents users from entering duplicate records based on the user key.
Siebel EIM identifies the unique record with the help of the user key. Thus Siebel does provide some good practice to update the user key through EIM as the user key in the heart of the Siebel EIM on which it work and updating the same user key is some where we are contradicting with the very basics of the Siebel EIM architecture on which it has been developed

Siebel provide following EIM table to update the user keys through EIM:


To update the user key for the S_ORG_EXT table you need to use EIM_ORG_EXT_UK.
The following columns will play the role :

1) The PARTY_TYPE_CD and PARTY_UID will contain the data for the existing user key.

2) The column ORG_NAME and ORG_LOC will contain the data for the new user key which you want to update.

I have practically worked on this requirement in past and it worked good for me.
The people have some doubts about the integration_id but this column is not used in this process.
Other than these you cannot update the user key through EIM but can use many other work around through scripting , business service, sql update queries etc.

In the similar fashion you can update user for S_PARTY , S_PROD , S_PROD_INT using the tables EIM_PARTY_UK , EIM_PROD_EXT_UK, EIM_PROD_INT_UK respectively.

We will discuss more about this, please leave your queries as a commnt below.

7 comments on “Updating User Key Through EIM”

  1. Kirill Reply

    Well, more complicated case: how to create a User Key for a custom table? How to create a new EIM table to load only that custom table? What about case-insensitive fields and EIM? 🙂
    Those are good questions, aren’t thay? 🙂

  2. Siebel EIM Reply

    In case of updating S_ORG_EXT.NAME, we can populate PARTY_TYPE_CD and PARTY_UID with existing value and others with new value.

    Mandeep, How do you suggest to populate EIM_PROD_INT_UK to update the S_PROD_INT.NAME. Appreciate your early response.

  3. Rishi Reply

    I can try now updating the user keys of Org_EXT records. What about the Product table S_PROD_INT which columns are used to update the use key of this table ?

  4. Muralidhar Reply

    In order to update User Key for S_PROD_INT, i guess we need to populate the Integration Id. EIM will take the Integration Id as reference and then update the user keys. For S_PROD_INT, Name, BU_ID and VENDOR_OU_ID are the user keys. Hence it will identify the record based on Integration Id.
    Please correct me if i'm wrong in this. I'm yet to verify on the correctness. I'm trying it out in the dev environment today. Will update if i was able to succeed.
    Note: If you do not have Integration Id populated with any value(as in our case) I guess you can populate it with the row_id of the record and then process!

  5. mahesh Reply

    hi can u tell clearly how to update and remaining table userkeys how to update pls tell
    thank you

  6. Michle Reply

    Can you tell me what should I do to update BU_ID column in S_SRV_REQ table. What user key I should I select.

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