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I am assuming that we know how to add a button in applet  🙂  . After adding a new Push Button to the Applet, the Following properties need to be set for the Button Control to configure SHOW MORE button. Configuring in Form Applet:


HTML Type : Link

Method Invoked : ToggleLayout

Name : ToggleLayout

For Any Applet control which needs to appear after the Show More button is clicked, we need to:

Right click on that control & Select the "More" option


Configuring in List Applet:


HTML Type : Link

Method Invoked : ToggleListRowCount

Name : ToggleListRowCount

By default, 7 rows are displayed initially and when the Show More button is clicked, 20 rows are displayed.

The Number of Rows specified here in the Applet property determines the Number of rows displayed when a list Applet is first invoked. The height of the applet increases or decreases based on the Number of rows Specified.


But after Clicking the Show More button, only 20 rows (Standard) are displayed in the list applet, no matter what we specify in the HTML Number of Rows.

So, if we specify HTML Number of Rows = 50, initially 50 rows are displayed when the List Applet is loaded. But when the Show More button is clicked, just 20 rows are returned!

Link to Siebel bookshelf has been provided blow, Please consult for more details.

3 comments on “Configuring Show More Button”

  1. srinu Reply

    Req: I have a list applet, in that  there are 20 records are ther, so if user1 open this applet he want to shee 20 records, if another user2 opens he want to see only 10 records, plz help on this

  2. Samantha Reply

    Req: To limit the number of rows, you said we need to use the HTML Number of Rows, so where is the HTML Number of Rows column present in Siebel tools?

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