Basics of Variable Maps

I am back with yet another post and this time it’s Variable Maps :-)Variable Maps are nothing but the property sets that define the structure of data to be passed to the Pricing Procedures; based on which the price calculation is done. Variable maps are used by the PSP engine to build the context and Row Sets.


A variable map is defined under Administration -> Order Management in the application.

It consists of a list of variables

Each variable has one or more variable sources that define how to retrieve the variable value in a given mode (such as Quote, Order, or Any).

The source type of a variable source can be a business object query, the active business component instance, a business service, a profile attribute, a system preference, or a server parameter.


The Pricing Procedures are built to be used in a reusable fashion hence are designed to be invoked from multiple active business components. To get aligned with this at runtime, the variable is mapped with multiple sources with different modes.


Mode in a variable source indicates the source business component. The value “Any” for mode indicates the default variable source to use for a business component

Path entry in the variable source indicates the integration component and field


To modify an existing variable map or to add a new variable to it, user needs to first lock the variable map record, drilldown on the Workspace hyperlink. Make changes as desired like either change something in the existing record or add a new record by clicking on New button. Add mode, path and source type in the variable source section for the variable. Once you are done with the changes then release the next version to apply the changes made to the variable map.

2 comments on “Basics of Variable Maps”

  1. Elizabeth Hodges Reply

    You have not covered how the user should discover which IO they need to change for which BC (Mode) , perhaps it would be helpful to include a reference to the BC user property “Instance Uniform Name EAI Object:” and the BC user property “Mode”, as ISS Quote shown in your screenshot is not the only IO used.

  2. Discoverer Reply

    Hi can you pl elaborate the purpose of having variable map via some real time example.
    Like once we have configured it,how would we use it for implementation
    or how would we call this variable map (can it be called in a BS/WF)
    what would be the triggering events for them…such details woul dbe of gud help.

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