Siebel Recommended Practices – Server Administration

I am sharing few best practices for Server Administration, These are well practiced and used. Please leave a comment if  any clarification or further discussion required.

1. The recommended method for revising the lbconfig.txt file is to regenerate it.

2. It is recommended that you make a backup of the Siebel Gateway Name Server data—which contains configuration information from the Enterprise and Siebel Servers—prior to and after making any configuration changes, especially creating new component definitions and adding or deleting Siebel Servers. The Siebel Gateway Name Server information is stored in the siebns.dat file located in the Administration folder of the Siebel Gateway Name Server root directory. The backup procedure flushes out the latest changes from memory into the siebns.dat file and makes a backup copy.

3.Each Siebel application is preconfigured to use one of the deployment modes i.e. Standard interactivity and High Interactivity. In most cases, it is recommended not to change the deployment mode from its default mode.

4. A browser running a high-interactivity application should be enabled to work with (download, instantiate, and script) ActiveX controls. It is recommended that the URL for Siebel Business Applications be part of a zone for which security settings are defined.

5. the Browser Health Check. In general, it is recommended that you enable the browser health check when you are deploying new or upgraded Siebel applications, or deploying applications to large numbers of new users or users whose browsers are newly installed. You should also enable the browser health check in environments that are configured with high security levels, or where installed Java software may not meet requirements for your Siebel high interactivity applications.

6. OM-Model Cache Maximum. This Server parameter determines the size of the cache for model objects in Object Manager-based server components, such as Business Service Manager and Workflow Process Manager. Each model in the cache creates two database connections for the life of the model (one connection for insert, update, and delete operations; the other connection for read-only operations). The model cache improves performance for the object manager server components, and it is generally recommended not to disable this parameter.

7. SISNAPI Connection Maximum Idle Time. This Server parameter configures connection timeout between the Web server and the Siebel Server. Valid values are numeric, specifying the period of idle time (in seconds) after which the connection is disconnected by the component. It is recommended that you set this parameter to a value slightly below the firewall connection timeout value.

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