Immediate Post Changes

Immediate Post Changes is a field level property of business component. This is optional and has two values TRUE and FALSE. Let’s understand the usage of Immediate Post Changes property with an example. We face problem while dealing with calculated fields, we don’t see change in calculated field while changing the related fields. It requires refresh or saving (CTRL+S) the transaction to get changes in calculated field.

Cause: Calculated fields are not automatically refreshed when a related field value changes; they are refreshed only after committing the record. We need to set Immediate Post Changes property of the field needs to be set to TRUE to get calculated field refresh immediately after the fields have been changed.

Immediate Post Changes


Property Description [Siebel bookshelf]

A TRUE or FALSE value. Field data is posted to the server when the focus moves off of the field and then the data is refreshed. Setting this property to TRUE causes an immediate roundtrip to the server.When set to True the browser script PreSetFieldValue event is bypassed.

Immediate Post Changes property is typically used for constrained drop-down lists and calculated fields.


Usage case scenerios:

I am listing down case where all we require Immediate Post Changes Property in Siebel other then calculated fields and constrained drop-down lists.

1. BusComp_PreSetFieldValue Event: Called when a value is pushed down into the business component from the user interface. This Browser Script event is not invoked if the 'Immediate Post Changes' property of the Business Component field is set to TRUE.

2. We also need to set Immediate Post Changes to TRUE for parent field of while Configuring a Hierarchical Picklist. Please leave a comment if you want to add to this article.

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