Is it possible to update a joined field ?

I was trying hard to get user input regularly but readers were not providing their feedback and response. Now we have come up with an idea of putting open post for answers , where we will discuss over commonly asked Siebel interview questions. these open post will be kept under “Siebel Interview Question” tag. The answer will get concluded after 30 days of creation.

Today’s question.

Question:  Is it possible to update a joined field ?

Let’s discuss.

Hint: A joined field is a read only field, it cannot be updated .What iff it is implicit joined field.  🙂

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  1. Jasmeet Reply

    Nice way of forcing the readers to give their comment and sharing their knowledge.
    My answer — a BIG NO.
    we cant update a joined field.
    A joined field is a read only field, it cannot be updated!

  2. Axel Reply

    We do it a lot of times with s_contact that is joined to s_party. Even one step deeper with s_contact_x that is joined to s_contact, that is joined to s_party… But these are all implicit joins. I say No to other joins than implicit joins. Does anyone know if there is a possibility to create implicit joins: for example to create a new table cx_contact_x, that is implicitely joined to s_conact_x ?

  3. David Reply

    @Axel: If you create an 1:M link on both tables, pointing to each other, you will be exposing an implicit join.

  4. Satish Reply

    Using picklists and MVGs. MVGs require join field and link as prerequisites unlike picklists where just a join is enough.

  5. Kirill Reply

    Well, first point of view: classical configuration.
    Note: we only considering Single-Value Fields (SVF), because MVF fields are not called joined, since they don’t use Join as a primary means of relationship. In case of SVF you can only update joined field using implicit join (like S_CONTACT’s field in a BC based on S_PARTY), otherwise joined field will be read-only.
    Second point of view: other options.
    Lots of possibilities in this field for an experienced Sibeloid. 🙂 To name a few:
    1) Runtime Event/Business Service/Workflow (especially for async update)
    2) PreSetFieldValue/PreWriteRecord
    3) Denarmalized table column/Denormalization Path column property (useful in some cases)

  6. Ajith Reply

    You can update not just an implicit join field but an explicit join field too. Just have a Picklist in the field property. This works on Calculated Fields too. Have a Pick List on the Calculated field with a Pickmap and that becomes editable too.

  7. Anil Reply

    Hi every body,

    join fileds are updated by using Dynamic picklist.The join filed is noramlly read only filed.Dyanmic picklist is based on child business component. the value property of Dynamic picklist is Null i.e it doesnt contain any value.

  8. varma Reply

    you cant update a joined field,its in read only field.its like view in SQL,u cant update or modify views in SQL,in siebel also u cant update joined field ,u can just view the field

  9. Steve Brockman Reply

     I'm sorry to say, but you are wrong. Joined fields in a BC can be updated. A perfect example is the Account BC which is based on S_PARTY and only has 5 fields from S_PARTY with the rest either calculated, linked, or joined from other tables. If you are referring to linked fields instead of joined fields then I would agree that you cannot update them in the instance of the main BC, but you can still update linked fields through various methods like script or shuttle applets.

  10. Tjip Zigterman Reply

    Isn't the update option only available for fields based on implicit joins?
    (Lots of those in the Party Model.)

    I do remember vaguely that there was some talk a year or two ago about enabling updating over any join but I haven't found anything recent about that yet.

  11. Saket Shukla Reply

    The update through direct entry of value (Without choosing values from any applet like Pick or MVG) is avaliable for fields having Implicit join (Join dilivered with the packege and not created by developers) while the join fields (for explicit join fields) can be updated by using Pick applets,MVgs or through scripts.

  12. Jhonny Reply

    See how one can update JOIN FIELD…

  13. Alexey Gerassimov Reply

    It is easy: to explitict joins (joines that you have defined) use picklist and pickmaps.
    For implicit joins (1:1 std. extension and intersection tables on child BCs of association) just populate the field with its value.

  14. Naresh Reply

    Joined Field can be Updated ny Updating the foreign Key Field.This can be done using Dynamic Pick Lists

  15. sant Reply

    Hi every one ,
    my openion is forget about inner joins as every one know those are all updatable like normal field in BC.the issue is about the outer joins ….isn't it?
     i feel we can update by directly by DPL or by Making Admin Mode Flag is indirectly by updating the original field which is in other BC (Parent BC) ,
    i know for that we should know the actual name of the field and BC.
    hope u got my point ….let me know if there is any issues ………

  16. Sravanthi Molleti Reply

    Join fields cant be updated. Join is between two records from two different tables. When you update join, you are removing this join and creating new join of the parent record to a different child record. So when you update the Foreign key of the parent table, the join fields are automatically updated. For immediate post changes, add the join fields as Pick maps to the picklist field.

    This is for explicit joins. For implicit join, fields can be updated from UI itself like the intersection tables, extension tables like other base table columns.. S_PARTY based tables are extension tables so they can be updated.

  17. Shailashree S. Naganur Reply

    join field (explicit) can update only Dynamic Picklist &creation of pick Applet

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