How to Invoke Business service on a click of a button?

This a very commonly asked question in Siebel technical interviews. Let discuss this.

Question: In an Applet we have a Button When we click on that Button we need to get an Business service. How we are going to do it?

Answer : Response are welcome from readers and will be concluded on 30th Dec 2009. 🙂

Note: Siebel expert panel will provide input in between the discussion if required.

8 comments on “How to Invoke Business service on a click of a button?”

  1. Danish Reply

    Hi ,
    steps :
    1.Create a button Control with Method : Click
    2.Use Applet control use Property CanInvoke:Click = ‘TRUE’
    3.Use Named Method on underline BC and invoke BS/WF

    *if you have some logic o button enable then use precaninvoke event.

  2. Subramaniam Reply

    There are couple of options to do this.

    1. You can use a Named method at the BC level to do it
    2. You can write custom scripts to invoke the BS

  3. Satish Reply

    Hi Freinds

    I am providing some code as Example for above issue. I think this may helpful.

    Function WebApplet_PreCanInvokeMethod(MethodName, &CanInvoke)
    if (MethodName == “btnUpdateStatus”)
    CanInvoke = “TRUE”;
    return (CancelOperation);

    Function WebApplet_PreInvokeMethod(MethodName)
    if (MethodName == “btnUpdateStatus”)
    var oBS = TheApplication().GetService(“Workflow Process Manager”);
    var ipPS = TheApplication().NewPropertySet();
    var opPS = TheApplication().NewPropertySet();

    ipPS.SetProperty(“ProcessName”,”Test WF1″);

    return (CancelOperation);

  4. Vignesh Reply

    Steps which mentioned by sathish will used to invoke the Workflow in siebel.
    To invoke the business service it required the following changes in his same piece of code,
    var bs = TheApplication().GetService("Business Service Name");
    bs.InvokeMethod("Method Name", Inps,Outps);
    Rest of the code are same. kindly let me know incase if any concerns/Queries.

  5. chandra Reply

    Hi, i want to invoke the BS as ” LS Pharma Signature UI Service” on a button click i want to popup the confirmation using this BS, i tried lot time using this BS method name(ShowConfirmDialog), but i could get , please suggest your idea that i can success to invoke this bS from button click.


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