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Siebel Configuration Interview Questions:  

  1. Primary Id Field property of Link Object in Siebel
  2. Link and Join
  3. Hierarchical and Constraint Picklist
  4. What is the use of Link Specification property at Field object?
  5. Tables in Siebel
  6. Differences Between Static and Dynamic Drilldowns
  7. Pre-Default and Post-Default properties
  8. Difference between UNDO CHECK OUT and GET?
  9. Search Specification on Applet and BC– Interview Question.
  10. Siebel – Difference between MVG and Dynamic Pick List?
  11. Is it possible to update a joined field ?
  12. How to Invoke Business service on a click of a button?
  13. What Is Dynamic Drilldown ?
  14. Drilldown in Siebel
  15. Business Component User Properties
  16. Server Configuration Activities
  17. Assignment Rules and Assignment Criteria
  18. Assignment Policy
  20. What is Assignment Manager in Siebel?
  21. New Product Features in Siebel eScript For Version 8.0
  22. Siebel Architecture and Servers – An Overview


Siebel Work Flows Interview Questions:    

  1. End Step and Stop Step in Workflow
  2. Siebel WorkFlow process : Asynchronous and synchronous mode
  3. Workflow Simulator

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Siebel Scripting Interview Questions:  

  1.  Siebel scripting best practices.
  2. New Product Features in Siebel eScript For Version 8.0

  Siebel EAI Interview Questions:  

  1.  EBC , VBC in Siebel
  2. What are Siebel Virtual Business Components ?
  3.  Virtual Business Component
  4. Siebel EAI Adapters and Connectors


Siebel EIM Interview Questions:  


  1. What is EIM in Siebel ?
  2. EIM Load order for any new Siebel Application ?
  4. Data Migration Process Steps
  5. How to update User Key Through EIM?
  6. Account Data Load in siebel through EIM
  7. Account Child Entities Data Load in siebel through EIM

Siebel Order Management / Product Configurator / Pricing Interview Questions:  

  1. Creating Simple Products
  2. What is Siebel Product Administration ?

Actuate Report Interview Questions: note : Please refer to the actuate category for answers of below question. these questions has not answered seperately.

  1. Tell us about the reports you worked on ?
  2. What do Access Base DB Name, Template Name and Current Record represent.
  3. Explain the Steps you take to start developing a report (from rol to rox)
  4. What control you use to implement Sorting records in Report
  5. If I want to use a Datastream globally what do we do. (composite Datastream)
  6. What property you use to Hide a control at runtime.
  7. Have you done some scripting in Actuate
  8. How do you display sum of two fields in Actuate (val(control1) +val(control2))
  9. How do you display total of a field for all records displayed
  10. If I put a frame (multiple records) in Before, page header, page footer and after section, what will be displayed in report
  11. How do you design a report which has multiple child datastream (horizontal seq)
  12. Have you used graphics in report (bar, pie)
  13. How do you make a graphic control visible/invisible based on data of another control
  14. How do you display parent and child data as a single record. (Memory sorter)
  15. If I use the same child Datastream more than once in Horizontal Seq section, what will happen? (forward only)
  16. What are Parameterized Report, how to configure it.

  Uncategorised Interview Questions:

  1.  Differences between Find and Search Operations


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