User Property in Siebel

User properties are object definitions that allow us to configure specialized behavior beyond what is configured in the parent object definition's properties.User properties exist at the business object layer as child objects of business components, business services, Applet, Application etc.


 User properties belong to the following Siebel objects types:

·         Application

·         Applet

·         Assignment

·         Business Component User Properties

·         Business Service

·         Business Service Method Arg

·         Control Field

·         Integration Component

·         Integration Component Field

·         Integration Object List Column View


 Several user properties can have its multiple instances on a single BC. for example Deep Copy user property can have 2 instance in a single bC . This means we can use Deep Copy 2 if needed after Deep Copy 1 Note: The number is not required if only one instance of user property is set on the BC. We will discuss user properties in a series of article.

We will discuss about all Siebel User properties in details in series of articles.

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