Automatic Login To Dedicated Siebel Client And Tools

A useful tip for siebel developers , This will help to automate login to the client and tools and  will not require  entering user name or password . Siebel dedicate client and tools will open in a click on shortcut and wont ask for user name and password.Let’s configure this

  • Right Click the shortcut of your Siebel Client or Siebel Tools and select Properties from the menu.

automatic login1

  • Under shortcut scroll down to Target Text Field.

automatic login2

You will see value similar to the value given below in the Target field.

D:\Siebel\8.1\Tools_1\BIN\siebdev.exe /c “D:\Siebel\8.1\Tools_1\bin\enu\tools.cfg”

We need to add following value at the end of the text in Target field.

To automate your login to Sample Database.

/u sadmin /p sadmin /d sample

To automate your login to Local Database .

/u username /p pwd /d Local

replace username with your local username and pwd with your local database password

Hope this will help the developer who need to login again and again to client and tools for daily development activities.

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  1. krishna Reply

    Thank u for ur information…can u please send brief description about  calculated fields …abt  methods incorporated into calculated fields

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