Changes / Enhancement in Siebel 8.0 Version

Lets discuss new deployment change in Siebel 8.0 version onwards. We have observed changes in existing features and configuration due to as some functional enhancement as well as some very new features.This is a open discussion and require contribution from all readers. We have started this with few features and require fellow readers help us to list down all new enhancement with the usability of that feature.

1. Set the VerCheckTime parameter in the Workflow section of the .cfg file to -1

([Workflow] VerCheckTime = -1), then you can activate a workflow in Tools

2. In Siebel 8.0, The applet user property CanInvokeMethod can be used instead of the PreCanInvokeMethod() event FOR enabling and disabling the applet methods.

The ST eScript Engine is enabled by default in Siebel 8.0

You can add lines about new features in comment section , We will keep adding them in article  in regular interval.

4 comments on “Changes / Enhancement in Siebel 8.0 Version”

  1. Kishore Reply

    Hi very nice blog, i appreciate the efforts of top contributiors here.thanking each and every experts
    i would also like to share some of major differences from Siebel 7.7/7.8 To 8.0 area like:
    Check In – Check Out
    New View tabs in Responsibility Screen
    Organization Screen
    User Properties – BC/Applet/BS
    dropdown list
    expression builder
    Field Level Properties
    Audit Trail
    Task Based UI
    Haley Business Rules
    Remote Preferences

  2. Jo Luna Reply


    We will be having our Siebel 8.0 Core Consultant exam. I would like to ask if you know any reviewer that can be downloaded to help me.


  3. Ashish Ashish Reply

    From EIM perspective Products load is made easier in 8.0 version.
    In 7.8 and earlier version product release had to be done by running sql query after product load.
    8.0 provides a business service to release loaded products
    Service Name – ISS Authoring Import Export Service
    Method Name – Post_EIM_Upgrade

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