Siebel Real Time Scenarios

Real Time Scenarios is the only gray area in siebel interviews , A reader of Siebel Experts Satish has come up with some Real Time Scenarios discussed with him during an interview. Lets check them out.


1. I Have Service request list applet, In Child applet I have 3 Activities for One service request record. If all the activities status become closed then it should update a flag in Service request applet as true. How we achieve this scenario?

2. I Have Service Request applet which has a child applet activity applet which is read only but my requirement is it should be editable and it needs to take whatever I entered value, How you achieve this Scenario?

3. What is the Code for uploading a file in a Script?

4. How do you read a attachment from Script?

5. What are the steps we f0llow in EIM performance tuning?


6. How to find primary and child relationship in EIM?

7. How do we Test the Workflow process and what are the different types of Simulation. explanation each one, which one we mostly follow in real time and ?

5 comments on “Siebel Real Time Scenarios”

  1. Ranjith R Reply

    Here are answers to some questions

    1. Workflow policies or run time events can be used.
    2. How to attach a file using siebel escript createfile method?
    3. Reading an attachment file using siebel escript getfile method?
    4. siebel eim performance tips?

  2. kalyani Reply

    1> By using workflows as well as scripting we can achieve above requirement.
    2) Always Editable Child  userprperty

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