Siebel 8.1.1 Features

We are continuously discussing new features,enhancements in siebel 8.X . In this article we have focused Siebel 8.1.1 Features as per poll results in our website. Hope you will like this article.

1. SIA (Siebel Industry Applications aka Verticals) and SBA (Siebel Business Applications aka Horizontals) released separatelyThe Network Image Creator, which you still need to launch after unpacking all those .jar files does not allow you to choose between SBA and SIA. The package you download from is limited to one of the two. 8.1.1 is a SIA release (containing the Loyalty pillar).

2. Oracle Universal Installer for Developer/Mobile Web Client and Siebel ToolsThe first thing you will have to say "Hello" to is the oui.exe which launches Oracle Universal Installer. OUI now takes care of installing and configuring the Siebel Developer/Mobile Web Client and Siebel Tools. Not too weird as it prompts for the same parameters as the old Installshield wizard did. However oui leaves a mark of several directories in the client's and tools' installation folders.


3. Actuate replaced by BI PublisherWhen I browsed through the Installation Guide for Windows, I noticed a statement that left me somewhat worried: "The Actuate products formerly provided as Siebel Reports Server are no longer shipped with or supported by Siebel CRM version 8.1 or later. Reporting functionality is now available using Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher."

4. In version 8.1.0 it was possible to set the System Preference ReportEngineType to BOTH (which is still the default setting in the sample database for 8.1.1) but in 8.1.1 there are no Actuate binaries available, so BIP is the only thing left to create reports.

SIEBEL 8.1.1

The already obsolete ReportEngineType System Preference is still set to BOTH in the sample db.


5. Siebel Update Server and CTI Connect no longer supportedLet me conclude this post with two more statements from bookshelf and join me in saying farewell to the Siebel Update Server and the CTI simulation. "Siebel Update Server and Siebel Update Client are no longer shipped with or supported by Siebel CRM version 8.1 or later." "Siebel CTI Connect is no longer supported as of the current release. CTI Simulation, which used the CTI Connect driver and configuration data, is also no longer supported."


Casey Cheng is no longer able to demonstrate CTI functionality, note the error message

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  1. Franck Reply


    I was surprised too to read CTI Connect will not be longer supported. I had opened an SR to the web support about this subject and wich product we have to use to replace CT Connect but I have NO response for the moment !!!

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