Binocular Search in Siebel (Using Find Object)

What is Binocular Search? As soon as we login into the application, we can see a binocular symbol           siebel binocular search (indicating “Search”) as shown below.

siebel binocular search1

This Binocular Search is used for performing search using required Find Object based on various Fields. For Example:- Select the option from the Look In PickList where we want to perform the search. siebel binocular search2

As soon as the option from the Look In list is selected, the fields associated with that particular Find Object(option) gets displayed, based on which search can be performed. Now, we can enter the required value that needs to be searched in the specific field and press “Go” button. This will display all the related records available.

siebel binocular search3

Steps for configuring the Binocular Search are as follows –

1. Create a new find object as shown below (If “Find” object is not present in the object explorer then go to view -> Options -> Object Explorer -> Check Find -> Click “OK”)

siebel binocular search4

Give any Name, also define the Project, the Applet, the Display Name and the Drilldown View. In the example considered- Name= Swati Binocular Project= Order Entry Applet= Opportunity List Applet Display Name= Swati Binocular Drilldown View= Opportunity Detail Contact View

siebel binocular search5

2.  Specify the “Find Fields” Mention all the fields on which you want to search.

siebel binocular search6

In the example considered, we have applied search on three fields- Account, Key Contact Last Name, Name.

3.  Specify the “Find Views” Mention the views, to be taken into consideration, in “Find Views”. Also give the sequence number.

siebel binocular search7

4.  Now Go to the “Application Object” In the example considered the application is “Siebel Power Communications”. For this application, go to “Application Find” and add the “Find Object”. Here the Find Object is “Swati Binocular”.

siebel binocular search8

5. Compile all the objects created 6.  Result The Result of the configured Binocular Search Object will be as shown-

siebel binocular search9



siebel binocular search10

21 comments on “Binocular Search in Siebel (Using Find Object)”

  1. Allen Buist Reply

    What a wonderful description Swati, I will glad to read more about siebel search also want to understand the diff between Find and Search.

  2. Swati Pawar Reply

    Thanks Allen, I am new contributor to this amazing siebel blog. will share more in few days.
    Please follow article suggested by Ashish for your query.

  3. Ayush Reply


    I have got a problem after configuring Find Object. When i Click on DropDown of Look In. I have 4 Contacts Options, 4 Accounts Options, etc. There is repeated Option for Each Object.

    Could You tell the reason and how can we restrict that


  4. Swati Pawar Reply

    Hi Ayush,
    The reason behind multiple display of find object names in Look In filed is because of configuring more than one find object having same display names such as Account, Contacts.

    Look In List shows the display names of the Find Objects created. You can check this by going to the Find Objects in Tools and Search for “Accounts” or “Contacts” or any other find object in “Display Name” column. You will find more than one find objects with the same display name.

    And in case of search mode all the available options are displayed in the list. You can See in the screenshot in article, In Look In List 2 Contacts options are displayed.

    That is the reason why u see more than one find object with same name. But when u’ll select all the options one by one, you will see the difference that all the objects are not similar.

    U can revert back in case there is some other doubt.

  5. guru Reply


    How can we restrict look in values based on users or responsibilities?
    Please help me out in this.


  6. Anupam Reply

    I got this binacoular search explanation… can you tell me how it is different from the home search applet in every screen…Or both work on same mechanism…

  7. Vishnu Kaura Reply

    Hi There,
    Is there any particular book in the Siebel bookshelf that can give me more information on configuring Find?


  8. Zela Reply

    Has anyone here used or familiar with the new search feature Soundslike?
    Thanks in advance.

  9. Jaya Reply

    @Vishnu Kaura Search.pdf in bookshelf for more info….
    @Ayush the Problem of getting Contact 4 times, i am also getting same problem but issue doesnt seems of configuration as explained.
    If anyone knows solution to this problem please explain..

  10. Vijay Kiran Reply

    The reason for the repetation is the presence of multiple repositories…I have faced the similar issue ..try to backup and remove the repositories

  11. parla3 Reply

    Hi i have a trouble with "Find" 😛 .I create a find object, named SLA, then i attached this objefct  under the Application object 'Sibel Power Communication' and compile both the object. Now when i click on binocular button on client , it's appears an applet with the combo 'look in' that contains a list of entry of Find object, but the mine (SLA) is not there. Then if i click on one of these entry, it's change to detail applet, and in this applet shows the list correctly, the entry SLA is present. What's the problem? I have followed our guide but nothing works.Thank u and forgive me for bad english  

  12. Mayank Malviya Reply

    Hello Vijay,
    To resolve multiple entries in the dropdown, please do the following:
    BC: Repository Application Find
    Change search spec to : [Repository Id] = RepositoryId()

  13. Ajay Reply

    Hi, Can anybody pls help me why my new "Find" object is not shown in "Look In" dropdown? I have added the Find object under the application and compiled. The views list under "Find" are taken from UI and the Applet is present in all those views that are added under "Find". Pls help. Thanks in advance.

  14. surya Reply

    hi all
    How can we restrict look in values based on Position Or users or responsibilities?
    some users i am unable to see contacts in lookin dropdown.

  15. Apurva Reply

    hi ,
    How can we restrict the look up values based on the users or  responsibilties?

  16. kiran Reply

    can any one help me to find the applet name for binocular search  and how to improve performance search speed and fast in binocular search in our case it taking so much of time to execute the queries in binocular search please just ping me if u know any solutions
    thank u

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