How to create a multi-value group for Contacts phone numbers ?

Business Requirement :  Need to create a multi-value group for Contacts phone numbers. What should your first step in this configuration be?

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a. Create a new Business component to store the phone numbers.
b. Determine which column on the base table you can use to store these phone numbers.
c. Determine which column on the 1:M extension table you can use to store these phone numbers.
d. Run the MVG wizard in Siebel Tools, specify the business component, and have it automatically select the appropriate column.
e. Examine the existing application to determine whether there is already a MVG you could leverage to store the phone numbers.

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Comments / Replies/ Answers By our expert readers

Mike Evans [Principal Architect at Fujitsu Services]
A solution design approach to the same question would be based on a checklist of Process, Functionality and Data.

The requested change is to have available a list of contact telephone numbers, the context of the request on the process? Functionality already in place for phone numbers? and data stewardship?

For example, if the request requires additional telephone numbers, then is the purpose to provide marketing with more contact points, or Service organization to have a prioritized list of contact points… since a telephone number can represent a fixed or wireless contact point. Is there a process (either manually stated or automatically initiated) that requires more than one contact telephone number. If there is, then how is this change going to be incorporated into those processes? and hence where in Siebel is this process supported.

For example, functionally the data quality of telephone numbers can be problematic. Especially in cases where the captured phone number will be used systematically as part of a CTI solution to dial the number, or incorporated into telephony service to SMS a wireless number. Need to make sure the use of “DTYPE_PHONE” is understood at all points the phone number is available to be captured (or more importantly) available to be changed.

For example, data stewardship needs assessment on whether the additional contact telephone numbers will be ETL’d through to an analytics/data mining/reporting tool, or whether there is a centralized Contact management database that may need replication of this information. Many Siebel implementations are integrated into a wider Enterprise landscape where simple changes such as this impact other areas of the Enterprise. Also, can these phone numbers be acquired from an external system where they are managed and owned in which case there is no need to store then in the Siebel data model but manage/sync them in real-time to the external data stored.

The following is taken from Siebel documentation around CME; “The example shows a call center running the Siebel Communications application. The company maintains an ERP database and a phone number database separately from the Siebel Database, which contains customer information.
Siebel Communications sends XML messages containing customer orders to the order fulfillment application, and receives order fulfillment status through an inbound HTTP adapter. Siebel Communications also queries the phone number database for available phone numbers in real time. ”

Andrey Markushin [System Architect at Sputnik Labs]
I think the first step before any configuration should be standard functionality researching.
In this case there is already existing business component “Alternate Phone” which is already included in Contact business business component as a multi-value group.
Thus there is no need to any configuration.

Hemant K [Senior Siebel Specialist at C3i, Inc]
Select the S_CONTACT_XM table and TYPE column is pre-defaulted to some value “PhoneNumbers” and the same value has to be added as a property [Type] = ‘PhoneNumber’ to the new BC that stores the phone numbers.

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