Constraint Picklist In Siebel

Purpose of Constraint Picklists is to restrict or constraint the values of child Picklist based on the value of parent.

The only reason behind using Constraint PickList over Hierarchical Picklist is due to the limitation of Hierarchical Picklist showing all the values including child Picklist values.

Steps to configure Constraint PickList

Step 1:   Create Two LOV Type

Create two LOV type “STATUS1” and “COUNTRY1”, as shown below

(Site Map -> Administration – Data -> List of Values Explorer/LOV Explorer)

siebel Constraint PickList 1

Step 2: Create LOV Values

For “COUNTRY1” define List of values such as INDIA, AUSTRALIA, UK etc.

For “STATE1” define List of values such as London, MP, UP, Melbourne, New York and in the “Description” field give the corresponding COUNTRY value (INDIA, AUSTRALIA, UK etc.) as shown below.

siebel Constraint PickList 2

Step 3: Create PickList

Create two PickList in Tools as shown below

siebel Constraint PickList 3

Here the BC is to be “PickList Generic” for both the PickLists.

siebel Constraint PickList 4

Step 4: Select the BC where we have to add the PickList

Select the required BC where we need to add the PickLists.

Give the PickList Names in the corresponding Fields of the BC in the “PickList” field as shown below.

siebel Constraint PickList 5

(Immediate post changes field should also be checked)

Define the Pick Maps for the respective fields as shown

siebel Constraint PickList 6

While defining the Pick Maps for the Child Field (In this case “INS Area”), in the “PickList Field” of Pick Maps give “Value” for Child Field and “Description” for Parent field.

siebel Constraint PickList 7

While defining the Pick Maps for the Parent Field (In this case “INS Product”), in the “PickList Field” of Pick Maps give “Value” for Parent Field and “Dummy” for Child field.

NOTE- Dummy Filed is created to blank the child in Constraint PickList when parent is none. “Dummy” field is present in “PickList Generic” BC.

Step 5            Compile all the created and changed objects

Step 6            Result

The Result will be as shown below.

siebel Constraint PickList 8

If the Country is selected as “Australia” then the field that contains the state values will display only those value in the PickList that are associated with the respective country. In this case “Melbourne” and “Sydney” are associated with “Australia”.

siebel Constraint PickList 9

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7 comments on “Constraint Picklist In Siebel”

  1. Akash Reply

    This is really a great explanation….I have read your other articles too…its really helpful.From some time i m trying how to restrict the values in lov …
    i have done google and find this….it helped me alot

  2. gopikrishna Reply

    hi swathi,

    really ur explanation is simply superb,

    could u post the workflow topics ??


  3. Vidya Reply

    Hey Hi..
    I have one doubt .. is "Dummy" named field present in PickList Generic BC..I searched for it but didn't found…

  4. jenny Reply

    2 minor points in an overall good article(thanks!) :

    1. Dummy as pointed by Vidya, can only be used in the Hierarchical picklists scenario where the picklists are Picklist Hierarchical and Picklist Hierarchical Sub area BC types. They cannot be used when the Picklists BC is Picklist Generic.

    2. Dummy is used to reset the value of the Child picklist if the Parents LOV is changed, not as mentioned here to "blank the child". So, what this means is that if the Parent is set to say Australia first and the child is set to Melbourne, at some later point, if the parent is set to India, then the childs is reset to a blank value (and it is not left as Country -India and State- Melbourne which would have happened if the childs value is not set to Dummy in the Parent field pickmap).
    I also had a query- I dont understand clearly the difference between Constrained picklists and Hierarchical Picklists. The only difference I noted was that, if I attempted the scenario mentioned in Point 2 above in a constrained picklist(using picklist generic BC type), we can arrive at a scenario where Country is set to India and State set to Melbourne. Meaning in constrained picklists, I dont know how to reset the child to blank. Are their any other differences? Any disadvantages to using Picklist Hierarchical/Sub Area versus using Picklist Generic? Thanks in advance!

  5. Anisha Reply

    Hi Jenny,
    As mentioned by you, i believe in Hierarichial Picklist this scenario of resetting value when the country is India and SubStatus should become blank, is done by making bounded property to true.
    Anisha Narsinghani

  6. Mahi Reply

    Hi Swati,
    Thank you for the articles…
    Could you please post about VBC and its Significance along with steps to create VBC..
    Thanks in advance

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