Configure a VBC to invoke an EAI Workflow without scripting

In this artice we will discuss on how to configure a VBC for invoke an EAI WF with a minumun amount of scripting.   

This post show how to configure a VBC for invoke an EAI WF with a minumun amount of scripting in siebel.


a) Create a VBC based on class “CSSFABCVRec”.b) Create VBC fields, the Parent Buscomp link and add it into BO.


c) Create an Integration Object based on the VBC created. Note: this integration object must be contain just one Integration Component based on the VBC created on previous step

d) Create a Business Service based on class “CSSFAExternalService”.

e) Into the BS create a method called “Query”.

f) Into the VBC create the next User Properties: Name: Value Outgoing Integration Object Name: Name of the IO previously created ProcessName: Name of the Workflow Process to be invoked Service Name: Name of the BS previously created Enable Caching: N

g) Create an applet based on the VBC. Add this applet to your custom view.


h) If you need to pass arguments to the WF, you can put a little of script into the PreQuery Method of VBC Server Script (for example, set a ProfileAttr)

Hope this workaround helps you. Discussion is still on , please share your solution and experience with siebel world.

11 comments on “Configure a VBC to invoke an EAI Workflow without scripting”

  1. Joan Martí Reply

    Your article it’s so interesting in order to enrich my knowledge. Anyway I think that this option needs at least be invoked when a button is pressed. In this way, I don’t know yet Pros instead of using directly:
    var WorkFlow = TheApplication().GetService(“Synchronous Server Requests”);
    var psChild = TheApplication().NewPropertySet();
    var wfw_in = TheApplication().NewPropertySet();
    var wfw_out = TheApplication().NewPropertySet();

    psChild.SetProperty(“Object Id”,Id);

    WorkFlow.InvokeMethod(“SubmitRequest”, wfw_in, wfw_out);
    txtError = wfw_out.GetProperty (“Error Code”);

    Thanks a lot,

  2. Vipo Reply

    Hi – We are using Siebel SEA (Horizontal) and our requirement is to call External web service from Siebel and populate result in VBC.

    How can you do this?

  3. Vivek Reply

    You first need to create a outbound web service in siebel for the external web service, and then you can call this web service using the proxy business service in the script, and pass the inputs/outputs

  4. Georges K Reply

    You will also have to create a VBC User Property to load the proxy bs

    Name: Value
    Business Service: “Name of the proxy business service”

    which in turn would call the outbound web service
    from the VBC query method via scripting

  5. Daniel Rodriguez Reply

    Hi, this solution is perfect to call an External WS. Check in this line:


    This line is for call a WF. In our solution, the WF was invoking an external WS and made some complex validations.

    Hope that helps you.

    Daniel Rodriguez

  6. Suman Kanumuri Reply

    I think there is no need to create a separate Business service Everytime u create this type os bc. We can use Siebel OOB BS SIA Billing Extern Service which will take care.
    Suman Kanumuri

  7. venkata sunil R Reply

    I agree with Suman.Even though the BS name is related to billing(SIA Billing Extern Service),it can be used in the generic sense.Only limitation is:- it is for Industry Applications(SIA) only.

  8. josue Reply

    Hi Daniel, I have a requirement in wich I have to invoke an outbound WS and display the WS response in a List Applet, at the moment I can invoke the WS but I don't know what to do with the output, how to paint it in the Applet. I think your article is great but I need more information on the topic, Can you guide me to a deeper tutorial or something related to this?

  9. Abhas Reply


    HI Seniours,

    I have one query, i have called external web service(Currency Conversion) into siebel and invoked that Web service using workflow, its working fine. now i have to configure the same requirement with VBC. i have read on internet to create new VBC we need XML Gateway Business Service or custom BS with Init and Query BS Methods.
    But i need to configure the VBC with my previous existing BS(Currency Conversion). kindly help me to complete this talk. how i can create VBC with existing BS (without script).

    If i am wrong , please clarfy me.

    Thanks & regards

  10. Daniel Rodriguez Reply

    Hi Abhas. Try to change the class to the BS (like I said in point d) and create the VBC to call this BS (in the user prop). Let me know if works.


    Daniel Rodriguez

  11. Abhas Reply

    Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for reply, its working with the BS(Created by me), but only with when i am calling the workflow through runtime events not by custom button. moreover i am getting errors (SBL-BPR-00120) & (SBL-DAT-00468) when i create new record and save but second time when i create and save, it displays the correct conversion value in the specified field.
    Please suggest,

    Thanks & Regards

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