Implementation Of Error Control In A Workflow

It’s well known that a workflow requires an error control for a robust process design. The next diagram shows an overview of the proposed error control.

Implementation of an error control in a Workflow in siebel 

As it’s shown, an error control provided a consistent tool , not only to provide a log but also to inform user about a problem in real-time by mail.

The following section contains the minimum settings required :

  • Step: Write to log

Using the Business Service EAI File Transport (Method: Send), it’s created a log which includes parameters in order to analyze any trouble detected.

Argumento Tipo Valor


<Value> Expression “Step which an error is detected: “+[&Step]+ “Variables: “+[&Error Code] +[…]


AppendToFile Literal true


FileName Expression [&Dir]+”\ErrorWorkflow_N”+ tochar(today(),”DDMMYY”)+”.log”



  • Step: Send a Mail

This step send a mail to  specific list detailed, using method “SendMessage” from BS “Outbound Communications Manager”.

Argumento de entrada Tipo Valor
CommProfile Literal User
MsgHTMLBody Expression (expression detailed below )
MsgSubject Literal Wfw Example failed
MsgToList Literal mail@address.x
ProcessMode Literal Remote


Where MsgHTMLBody also includes parameters that permit an end-user to detect any trouble:


<b><font SIZE=4 FACE=ARIAL color=#000000>Workflow Execution Error  </font></b><BR>




                                <TD><B>Step  :</B></TD>


                          <TD><B>Error  :</B></TD>






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10 comments on “Implementation Of Error Control In A Workflow”

  1. Ashish Kumar Ashish Kumar Reply

    I have also implement this. Its awesome. I just want readers to implement this and share response. 🙂

  2. Jone Joakimsen Reply

    I think the idea is great. But we have done a similar thing, but put it in a error workflow, which we just add to the “Error Workflow” column on tools. That also works great.

  3. Yash Reply

    Hi Joan,
    1. Cant we send the Log file generated in step "Write To Log
    ' while sending the email?
    2. Also we are writing the error message into a file. Wouldn't it be better if we write the log mesaage in some Business Component so that any user can easiliy refer them when they want?

  4. Prasanna Reply

    I need to log an error if the email could not be delivered (say if the email address is wrong). Will the outbound communications Manager business service handle that? 
    Is there any other way to achieve this functionality.

  5. Joan Martí Reply

    Hi Prasan,
    Once an email is send, I think that we couldn't determinate if the email address is wrong… 
    let me say that for a client we elaborated an script in order to validate the address, including items such as containing "@" or "."

  6. navin Reply

    1. Guys writing Errors into a file will be an expensive operation, so i will agree with Yash that it is better to log Errors into a BC so as to be tracked later.
    2. Yash we can send the file as attachment via Email, there is a hidden Input Process Property to SendMessage method of Outbound Communication Manager service named AttachFileList, you can use it to send attachment.

  7. Ashish Kr. Bameta Ashish Kr. Bameta Reply

    Hi Navin,

    Excellent idea. Can you write a  small note on this implementation so that it can be published for help of other users too.

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