Glory awaits…….

With the month long ‘FIFA Fest’ taglined "Say No to Racism" going into its final few hours, the atmosphere has got nerve-raking yet glorifying. Johannesburg ‘the soccer city’ is going to witness its one of the most happening nights ever.Yet another time Paul proved himself the ‘Nostradamus ‘of FIFA predictions. With the Germans having secured the 3rd place overpowering the Uruguauan army lead upfront by Diego Forlan who proved to be the real find of this tournament. Miraslov Close with 14 WC goals under his belt was deprived of the final playing  11 last night n lost his ‘last’ (he is 32 now) chance of equaling or even passing Ronaldo’s world record feat of 15 WC goals. But the ultimate fight for the crown will be tonight when Spanish Armada takes on Flying Dutchman. Likes of Sneijder and Robben against the likes of ‘unstoppable’ Villa, Ramos and Inesta, its going to be spirit-breaking. Journey of both the finalists has been an odyssey . with the Oranzes giving the the biggest upset of FIFA’10 overwhelming the Sambas in the quarters, the Matadors have been consistent as ever with star striker Villa netting all the goals for them but one. The stage is set, curtains ready to be pulled and its now for the characters to play their parts into this boiling  90 minutes epic clash of the titans! So who its going to be, Spain for the first time ever in the footballing  history or the Netherlands, 32 years after  being two time successive finalists in 1974 and 1978 yet untouched of the glory. WAIT n WATCH for who seals its destiny and reaches the pinnacle of the footballing world holding the glitzy glittering magnificent trophy in its hands.

FIFA World Cup 2010 theme song free [wavinflag] for our readers.

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  1. Manish Bameta Reply

    Casillas in tears….shimmering tears of rejoice, jubiliation of leading the La Roza army for its maiden world cup title.The feat whose dream that everyone team of the world nurtures in itself but only one celebrates it. And this time its Spain aka Espanyol! 120 minutes of pure scintillating play it seemed the game is due for the penalty shootouts but Iniesta who Wayne Rooney himself termed the best player of present world, proved Paul the octopus right by netting the Jabulani ball with his right foot past the dutch goalkeeper, and that was it…the glory, the apex of football!!

    Manish Bameta
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  2. Luther Reply

    The final game for me was a little anti-climactic, the over time on the other hand was what the entire game should of been more like. I still think that the German team deserved 2nd place. The Dutch are great and all but I don’t think they could of beat the Germans if they played them for second. Over all, the Spanish looked like the powerhouse that they are and came out victorious.

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