Siebel High Interactivity Framework

Siebel High Interactivity Framework automatically install once you run siebel client first time. Some user get below error after entering user id/pwd. We have a simple solution note for this problem.


 “Your version of the Siebel High Interactivity Framework for IE, required for use of this Siebel application, may not be current. In order to download a current version of the Siebel High Interactivity Framework, please ensure that your browser security settings are correct and then log in to the application again. Consult your system administrator for details about the Siebel High Interactivity Framework and correct browser settings” 



·  Enter User Id and Password for Siebel application.

·  After clicking on submit button while opening Siebel Client, keep pressing “Ctrl” button on the keyboard.

·  Automatically it will prompt with the message of installing the Siebel High Interactivity Framework.

·  Right Click on the bar and click on Install. It will now show the Siebel Screen.


If you are still getting the same error please do below activities.

  • Navigate to Temporary Internet Files and settings > View Objects  




 ·   If the Status of “Siebel High Interactivity Framework” is “Installed” then Choose “Update” Option. 

 ·   If the Status of “Siebel High Interactivity Framework” is “Damaged” then Choose “Remove” Option. 


Close the IE and open the siebel client and Siebel High Interactivity Framework will install automatically. 


Please note: 

  1. Turn on Pop up Blocker should be unchecked.
  2. Active – X control sould be enabled.


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  1. Arnab Chanda Reply

    1. Starting in Siebel 8 onwards, you need to first add the Siebel url to Trusted Sites. Otherwise as the user types in credentials, system throws the message box about the version of the HI explorer and brings back the user to the login page.
    2. I have also noticed in the past that sometimes the status of the ActiveX object under IE > view objects can be misleading. For example, the ActiveX may show as Installed, but when you right-click and look at the underlying DLLs they might show up as damaged.

  2. Ashish Kumar Ashish Kumar Reply

    Yes guys, I would also suggest you to put security level for this zone to "Medium-low". This will help you to mitigate Pop up blocker/Active x issues.

  3. gitesh borate Reply

    i want to download siebel high interactivity framework for ie. where can i got this download links
    thank you.

  4. Ashish Kr. Bameta Ashish Kr. Bameta Reply

    Hi Gitesh,

    Please read article carefully. HI Framework get download automatically, You just need to change few settings which has clearly mentioned above.



  5. jarves Reply

    If you have a PC that has a working SHIF ugrade then you can copy that to your PC and replace your old one. You can find the updated SHIF on "C:WINDOWSDownloaded Program Files."

  6. JAWAHAR Reply

    i want to login to AICTE WEB PORTAL which supports seibel high intreractivity framework which is not suppoerted with my ie and closes the window
    how i can establish it ?
    send me the full details ie9beta
    windows 7

  7. Karen Reply

    You must be using the 32-bit version of IE 8.  Go to  the question mark in the upper right of IE to ensure that under "About Internet Explorer" it DOES NOT have "64-bit".

  8. Karen Reply

    Also – Windows 7 security does not allow Administrators to write any files to the c:windowsdownloaded program files folder with going to a command prompt and adjusting permissions via some ms-dos commands.   None of that should be necessary.

  9. Matthieu Hattab Reply

    If you read the bookshelf, (anything about deployment) you would have read that you MUST comply with Oracle you should read the supported platform document from Oracle to see what browser are acceptable and what IE settings must be set.
    And in any case, you should never use beta version of IE with Siebel.
    Then you also have to configure your IE with some settings to enable full functionality of Siebel.
    these settings are also available on Oracle support site under ref 1066053.1. This document further reference 2 more documents that must also be read. WIndows 7 is only officially supported in thin client mode. not dedicated (although it will work with a bit of tweaking).

  10. Santosh Reply

    Hi Ashish,
    I just followed the above mentioned procedure. However, even post completion of the same i am unable to access the webite demanding "siebel-high-interactivity". The moment i am clicking on the link, the webpage is closing automatically. Will appreciate your help on this.

  11. Gary Reply

    I am having exact issue as Santosh. Anyone have any thoughts? Our company just upgraded. I can log into siebel fine and I see the Siebel High Interactivity installed in addins but whenever I go somewhere that brings up a popup, it is minimized and very small. When I select what i need, IE appears to close. Although it really is not because process is still running. You cannot see it anymore in the taskbar (or using alt-Tab). I did finally notice one time that it is actually close to the bottom of the screen and if I hide task bar, sometims I can grab it and move it up. Even then, I cannot close the window. I have added site to trused sites, deleted and logged back in to let it reinstall, used the ctrl button fix, set every security measure to allow every hacker on my machine.
    Windows 7, IE 8 32-bit. I logged on same computer as a local user and used VPN and it works fine. I am currently a remote employee on Dragnet connected using a Domain. I have Admin privlages. I have cleared all cache and I still am not having any luck. Any more suggestions? 

  12. Ramakrishna Reply

    Can i get the path for free download the siebel high interactivity framework for ie. as free download.

  13. Ashish Kr. Bameta Ashish Kr. Bameta Reply

    Dear Rama,

    We need not to download the siebel high interactivity framework for ie from anywhere. please read article carefully and complete metiones steps to automatically download siebel high interactivity framework.

  14. NIThesh Reply

    Most of us cant understand this process. so i request you to keep a detailed description in the form of graphics.

  15. RAM Reply

    I had a problem in entering datas in AICTE WEB portal. I installed all the settings. The problem said is SBL_DBC-00111 error message.
    Its urgent for me. Please help to me

  16. ramkrisna Reply

    sir please help me  i am finding my sieble files for update in internet operation but these r missing please help me.and suggest me to to download sieble high interactivity files

  17. kumari Reply

    "I just followed the above mentioned procedure. However, even post completion of the same i am unable to access the webite demanding "siebel-high-interactivity". The moment i am clicking on the link, the webpage is closing automatically. Will appreciate your help on this." same as santosh problem. please give some suggestions to me

  18. Maram Sibam Reply

    I have not  been able to enter into the web portal of AICTE due to siebel-high-interactivity". Please help me.

  19. Geetha Reply


    I have a Macbook Air (latest model) and using Safari 5.0.3 version. I am not able to access Siebel 8.1 application. When I tried to access the application, it gives me an error message that 

    Your version of the Siebel High Interactivity Framework for IE, required for use of this Siebel application, may not be current. In order to download a current version of the Siebel High Interactivity Framework, please ensure that your browser security settings are correct and then log in to the application again. Consult your system administrator for details about the Siebel High Interactivity Framework and correct browser settings" 

    Pl. suggest how do i access siebel 8.1.

  20. Shikha Reply

    hi my browser is not able to autofix the access data base option and if i am doing it manually it closes my browser due to some error. please help me out.

  21. John Riley Reply

    Several people have asked how to download the SHIF, and the response has uniformly been 'You don't need to, it does it automatically.'  The Siebel implementation I am trying to access has for security reasons to be accessed from an environment which does not have access to the public internet.  Thus the download does not happen automatically.
    One way round would be to download it on a machine that does have internet access and then transfer it on removable media.  But not possible if no-one will say where to get it from.

  22. SATISH KUMAR Reply

          I have done all the setting  in IE-8  having OS XP with service Pack-2. But we are unable to view the ENROLL AS AICTE EXPERT page. Instead of we getting the login page.
    On the other hang , we are opening the ENROLL AS AICTE EXPERT page in IE-6 having OS XP with service pack2. Please help me


    hi sir,
    I am opening site and clicking on the link "ENROLL AS AICTE EXPERT" . But after clicking i am getting the same message and after clicking on the ok button i am redirected to login page of which i have no id and password. Please tell me as soon as possible. My OS is Windows7 an IE 8.

  24. yogi Reply

    I tried what you said but I didn't out of my problem. I am facing the same problem.
    In the prescribed path i dont have the files like Siebel High Interactivity Framework. what can i do.

  25. Ram Reply

    i want to download siebel high interactivity framework for ie. where can i got this downloadlinks

  26. Andrew Reply

    Having similar problems, but with Win 7 and IE9.  Tried the various suggestions above, no luck.  When I try the control key, I get a message that IE has stopped working (now, THERE'S a surprsie, right?).  Couldn't get it to work with Google Chrome, either.
    I am NOT a computer genius, so some of the answers above are Greek to me, so if someone could PLEASE explain in plain old-fashioned simple English how to make this thing work, it would be greatly appreciated!

  27. Vishnu.K.M Reply

    Do you explain me "User Management Manual for DSAdmn-DSvAdmn". If you have a file about this topic, Please give me the link to download it.
    Thank you,

  28. Suresh K Reply

    we have upgraded my system to Windows 7 and IE 9. Earlier it was windows XP and ie 8. now i logged on to the aicte-india website and tried to print out the reports, the report is not popping up.when the mouse moved into the reports 'javascript:void(0)' is showing below the screen. i would be grateful if anybody could help me with this problem. we need to take the EoA printout from the website.
    Many thanks and regards,

  29. manni Reply

    we are using marketing campaigns application and have some problems with the program flowchart applet, one or two users are seeing a red X in the top left hand corner and some see their program icons but they are all bunched up ? any ideas. HI used 8.1

  30. Raghu Rao Reply

    I had a slightly different issue because of which Siebel Hi Interactive Client Framework was not installing. Siebel 8.x was installed as a 32 bit application on Windows 7 which is a 64 bit OS.
    I was able to launch Dedicated Web Client with Siebel High Interactivity Framework getting installed seperately as a standalone but when trying to invoke thru Tools->Debug it was giving me the same error as in this post. The reason was in the Tools->View->Options->Debug —> browser selection I had seleted the Internet Explorer icon under Program Files whereas I should actually have selected IE Explorer icon under Program Files(x86) folder.
    Choosing the IE Explorer under the right folder solved the issue.
    Hope this helps other folks.

  31. Najib Ghani Reply

    Accessing Oraclesiebel 8.1 using Windows 7 + IE8 (Works on 32-bit OS)
    Steps:- (Note that you have to press "OK" after each settings.
    1. Make sure you have "Administrator Privilege" to the pc/laptop
    2. Launch IE8 and launch your Oraclesiebel URL
    3. Go to " Tools > Internet Options "
    4. Go to " Advanced " then click "Reset" button on "Reset Internet Explorer settings"
    5.  Go to " Programs " Under default web browser" , Tick on "Tell me if Internet Explorer is not the default web browser"
    6. Go to " Connections ",  Under "Local Area Network (LAN) settings, click on "LAN settings"  and under "Automatic configuration", tick on "Automatically detect settings"
    7. Go to ?Privacy", under "Pop-up Blocker", untick "Turn on Pop-up Blocker.
    8. Go to "Security".  under "Select a zone to view or change security settings", choose "Trusted sites"  >  "Sites" > Add your Siebeloracle URL to trusted websites.
    9. Go to "Local intranet" and set "Security level for this zone as "Medium-Low"
    10. Go to "Internet" and set security level as "Medium" then click on "Custom level.." and again under "Reset custom settings" , change it to "Medium" then under "Settings"  set the followings:-
    a. "Enable ALL radio buttons
    b. if words "Enable (not secure)", set radio button as, "Prompt"
    c. Under "Miscellaneous > Use Pop-up blocker" set as, "Disable"
    d. Under "User Authentication > Logon", set as, "Automatic logon only in Intranet zone"
    11. Go to General > Browsing history > Delete > Delete
    12. Go to Geberal > Browsing history > Settings > View Objects > , Delete ALL items in "Downloaded Programs Files"
    Refresh URL
    Enter your username & password
    For 1st time login, HOLD "Ctrl" button then proceed to click on login to Oraclesiebel. Hold it until webpages is fully loaded.

    Good luck guys!
    p/s: Can anyone shares on login via Win 7(64-bit) +IE8 & +IE9 and  Win7 (32-bit) + IE9?


  32. Gary Reply

    Dear Sir, 
    Is it possible to use siebel-high-interactivity-framework in ubuntu?

  33. Poonam Mahajan Reply

    Thanks for valuable solution, after following above steps I am able to open AICTE siebel page.

  34. Joyce Reply

    Yes, anyone can pls share login via Win 7 64bit IE9 ? I can't seem to install / login 🙁

  35. Kumud Dash Reply

    I want to transfer the data from siebel to Tally ERP, Please help me in this regards


  36. balaji Reply

    i want to make the higher interactvitity setting using cmd prompt so that i can create a batch file, could any body help in writing the batch file code for IE setting or atleast path for the changes in IE setting through cmd

  37. Guruprakash Reply

    We are unable to login siebel application ( web client ) in Windows 7, 32 bit and IE 8 version.  Once we enter user id and password, it was about to loading and says, Internet Explorer stopeed working.  In the thread bar, it does mention: Your current security settings put your computer at risk.  Click here to change your security settings. 
    Once we click close the program, the new tab recovered and closed.  It does say, A problem with this webpage caused internet explorer to close and reopen the tab.
    We have already added the URL in the trusted site.
    Your help would be much appreciated.

  38. parvesh Reply

    Dear sir,
    how can downlode the siebel high interactivity framework ei
    please give me the link

  39. Dude Reply

    How can this be installed/updated without your agents needing PowerUser or Admin rights?

  40. Ravindra Reply

    i am using os window7 and ie9 whenever i launch na its shows me error message hight interactive error message. Pl any one can suggest me the setting for IE9 

    • Ashish Kr. Bameta Ashish Kr. Bameta Reply

      Hi Ravindra,
      Please downgrade your ie from 9 to 7. It will work.

  41. venkee Reply

    We are using IE8 with Siebel is running fine but Pop up's are very small when we choose pick applet or MVG.Can you suggest any solution for this

  42. Anil Reply

    Sir, i have use in AICTE web portal, when i am print any document in portal but portal see the problem in siebel, please tell me how i can solve  this problem 

  43. Mitul Reply

    Currently we are facing issue with our Siebel application.It is observed that when we try to click on pick applet the application gets minimized and automatically going onto another application that we may have opened.The problem is intermittent.
    Can anybody suggest any solution this resolve this issue.

  44. Ashish Kr. Bameta Ashish Kr. Bameta Reply

    Hi Mitul,

    We need few information from your side before suggesting you any solution.

    1. Whether all user are facing this problem.

    2.  Is problem is replicating in dedicated client too.

    3. Have you tried uninstalling all additional toolbar in your browser.

    4. Have you tried uninstalling and Installing High Interactivity frame work.

    5. In case all users are facing this issue then ,

       a. If you are getting problem only for one picklist

       b. Or clicking on any pick applet you are facing this issue.

    6. The another  application which is opening is another instance of your siebel application or some different application.

  45. Mitul Reply

    Hi Ashish,
    This issue was raised by one user.Even we are able to produce it at our end.We have observed this in dedicated client as well.I have tried downloading the HI framework again.But it didnt work.
    I have observed this error occuring with two pick applets.As mentioned earlier it is very intermittent.
    Thanks for your response.Please let me know if any other details is required.

  46. Mitul Reply

    The other is the any other application which is open at our end.It may be outlook or word document anything.

  47. Ashish Kr. Bameta Ashish Kr. Bameta Reply

    Hi Mitul,

    Please answer to all above question as per sequence.

    1. ……………………….

    2. ………………………..

    We will happy to assist you.

  48. Mitul Reply

    Hi Ashish,
    Please find my answers as per sequence below:
    1. Yes all users are facing this problem.
    2. Yes it is replicating in dedicated clients too.
    3. There are no additional toolbars in our browser.
    4. I had removed the HI files and same got downloaded automatically when I reopened the browser.
    5. Till now the issue is observed for two pick applets in the application.
    6. The other application which is opening is any other application already opened in our system.It may be outlook, etc..

  49. Ashish Kr. Bameta Ashish Kr. Bameta Reply

    Thanks Mitul.

    As this problem is there only for two applet then please suggest you to check configuration changes arround these two applets. Revert changes done in recent past arround these applet and check.

    This is not related to HI isssue.

  50. Ashish Kr. Bameta Ashish Kr. Bameta Reply

    Above description holds equally good for IE, Mozilla, Firefox, and safari browsers.

  51. Mitul Reply

    Hello Ashish,
    Thanks for your input. Can you guide me how to find for which configuration the error is occuring.The development was not done by us.It was developed in 2009 and upgraded in 2011.I had tried to increase the log levels and check but cannot find the exact reason.Can you suggest to investigate browser minimise issue which parameter log level has to be increased to trace the reason.

  52. abhishek Reply

    Hi Mitul,
    I will take care of your query on behalf of Ashish.The issue seems to be patch related.
    Can you specify below:
    1) what is siebel version and build?
    2) which browser is being used?
    3) Is this issue been observed after any object deployment?
    4) When any other application gets open, does siebel thin client get closed?
       if yes are you able to find any crash of object manager?
     You can increase the object manager event logs to trace the behaviour of the application.

  53. shallet Reply

    Hi All,
    I am facing an issue when ever I try to open an Mvg , Pick applet or any popup applet in siebel application , the window is not opening ,need to click on mvg or pick applet again ,then its started working…b'Coz of this issue many of our users are bit worried…..Can any one faced this same issue .?? can any one can help on this ? how to trouble shoot.?
    Kind Regards

    • SiebelCRM Reply

      Hi Parvesh,
      There is no seperate link for HI download. Please read the instruction in the mail carefully and it will work.

  54. Najib Ghani Reply

    I need someone to share their experience when dealing with IE11 on Siebel 8.1 platform for web based client mode.
    IE11 with Win 7 (32/64 bit) – works as per expectation
    IE11 with Win 10 Pro -Issue on scrolling. Scrolling freeze. Under “Enterprise Mode” also scrolling freeze.
    – Sharing is caring –

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