Major Enhancements in Siebel UCM 8.1

Oracle has done some major enhancements in Siebel UCM  8.1. Siebel experts editorial team has listed below point during discussion with Siebel UCM Consultant Prashant Jha.

* These major enhancement in Siebel UCM  8.1 are with reference to Siebel UCM 7.8

1). The Data Quality module has become more refine now. Now we need not call any webservice for invoking Trillium.

 We have an OOB business service i.e. UCM Data Quality Manager which provides us with methods Cleanse and Match for performing data quality activity. 

2). The second important thing is regarding Privacy. UCM 8.1 provides OOB connector for Integrating Haley Business Rules which was previously called through webservice.

3). The UCM 8.0 onwards has provided Transaction History view which stores the audit trail for Contacts, Accounts, Financial Accounts and Households.

In Siebel 8 onwards you can now change component parameters and the parameter change is applied without having to restart the component. You can also set components to "Manual Start" through the click of a button to prevent them starting up automatically when the server starts. Components and Tasks can be paused and resumed.

5). In Siebel Tools, there are new Siebel Operation Steps in workflows including: 

a)     QueryBiDirectional: Essentially this means you can execute query in forward backward mode

b)     NextRecord/PrevRecord: You can now query and scroll through multiple records.

You can now view and edit the workflow steps through just left clicking the workflow step, you no longer have to right click and select from the right click menu. You can now deploy and activate the workflow from Siebel Tools.
These are few enhancements. These changes are more visible when you are working on particular functionality and find that this is part of enhancement.

Reference Material: Please find ebook by Oracle Siebel Bookshelf (Siebel Master Data Applications Reference for Industry Applications).

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