Automatic Login URL To Siebel Thin Client

Are you getting bored of typing username and password for every siebel thin client login?

Try this simple trick for automatic login for siebel thin client.


How to use it:

1. Just add execute command, Username and Password after your URL.

2. Execute command “SWECmd=ExecuteLogin” plays an important role here. 

3. Save this URL is your favouites and have fun.




Your automatic login URL




For sample URL   http://siebelexpert/ecommunications_enu/start.swe      Your automatic login URL will be        http://siebelexpert/ecommunications_enu/start.swe?SWECmd=ExecuteLogin&SWEUserName=sadmin&SWEPassword=sadmin —

2 comments on “Automatic Login URL To Siebel Thin Client”

  1. Arnab Chanda Reply

    Do you know if you can use a hashed password here? There are situations where having a clear-text password is against security policies.

  2. Juan Breuer Reply

    You don't want your user and password on plain text on the Web Site log files.
    Regards, Juan.

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